Bleach bottle Easter Baskets, need help Please!

jannashomeMarch 24, 2009

When I was small, my mom made easter baskets out of bleach bottles. I dont think they were cut, except for a hole in the back. I almost think they had some kind of colored plastic bag glued to them. I remember them being fluffy, like when you take a square of crepe paper and pinch it and fluff it, and glue in on something like a parade float? I would ask my mom but she is not here anymore, and I thought this would be fun to do with my own grandkids. If anyone has the same memory, please let me know!!! Thanks ,


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I found this on another website;

Bleach Bottle Bunny Basket*

baskets03.jpg (8275 bytes) baskets02.jpg (9536 bytes) baskets01.jpg (7161 bytes)

Materials Needed:

* 1 large-size empty bleach or vinegar bottle, washed out well (The newer bleach bottles are shorter than they used to be, so adjust pattern accordingly.)
* 2 Chenille sticks of any color (one for whiskers, one to attach handle)
* Crayons or markers or felt (for eyes, nose, mouth, and ears)
* 1 Cotton ball for tail
* Glue
* Scissors
* Small-holed paper punch or other device to make a small hole


  1. Cut off the top of the bottle just below the handle, leaving a completely round bottom half, approximately 6"-7" high.
  2. Place pattern for basket around remainder of bottle (the bottom of the bottle will be the bottom of the basket) and trace outline, making note of where holes for handle and whiskers will need to be punched. Remove pattern and carefully cut around the outline.
  3. Using the leftovers from step 2, cut a strip approx. 12" x 1" for the handle. Use the handle pattern, if needed, and be sure to note where holes will need to be punched.
  4. Carefully punch small holes for the whiskers and handle.
  5. To make the whiskers, take one chenille stick and cut it in half. Insert the chenille stick into the whisker holes on either side of the bunny's face. Give the stick a twist or two to secure it. Cut off any excess and fold down the ends about a 1/4" to make them less pokey. Repeat for other set of whiskers.
  6. To attach the handle, take the other chenille stick and cut it in half. Insert the stick into the handle holes on either side of the basket (from the outside), then insert them into the corresponding holes in the handle. (Handles should be on the inside of the basket.) Give the stick a twist or two to secure it. Cut off any excess, and fold down the ends about 1/4" to make them less pokey. Repeat for other side of basket.
  7. To attach the tail, apply a small bit of glue to the back of the basket and attach a cotton ball. (Fluff out the ball as desired before gluing it on.)
  8. Using crayons or markers of your choice (or pieces of felt and glue), draw on the eyes, nose, mouth, and the inside of the ears. Decorate the outside of the basket as desired.
  9. Complete the basket by filling with Easter grass, colored eggs, candy, and/or gifts. Write the child's name on the outside of the basket (under the head, on the handle, or on the bottom), if desired.

Pattern pieces (2) -- the grid lines are just to show the sizing of the pattern. Each square is 1" x 1":

Handle:bunny_basket_handle.jpg (19937 bytes)

easter_basket_body.jpg (98714 bytes)

* This is a craft that my brother learned in Kindergarten in 1964. The pattern isn't written in stone, so don't worry if the basket is too shallow, or if the face drawings aren't exact. Just have fun!

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Thanks for the idea!! I will try this one with the grandkids

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Here's a pic of a bleach bottle bunny.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bleach Bottle Bunny Picture

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I have seen bleach bottle bunnies where the bottle was covered with "flowers" made from nylon net that was folded & made like the kleenex flowers we used to make when I was a kid. They were hot glued all over the bottle, to give a very fluffy appearance. Not sure how the face, ears, etc, were done. Sorry I don't have a pattern or instructions. But maybe if you started one, gluing the net flowers on, the procedure for the rest might come to you. Or maybe if you could figure out what term to Google to get a net flower covered bleach bottle bunny, something might come up. I couldn't figure out how to Google it!


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