Spring! (A project in need of a name)

daisymeApril 14, 2009

For those who asked if I was working on a project...I finished this spring sphere today! It's my first TG project and first bowling ball. I was inspired by a project done by a gal on another forum who covered her ball with wrapping paper before using tempered glass for her tesserae. I enjoyed hers, so decided to try it. She suggested she'd sprayed her paper with a UV spray to try to keep the paper from fading, so I did the same. We'll let you know if it worked!

I enjoyed working with the tempered glass, though I got little slivers from it and it's also a little dicey when working in the dining room where bare feet dwell.

I finally got it grouted today and am happy enough with the gray grout. I mixed it using too much black colorant, and ended up adding more grout til I ended up with about a quart of grout! I'll learn, I'll learn...

I'll take this to the sale on Saturday and let you know how it goes. It's fun to have some new things to show.

Does any one have an idea for a name for this Springy sphere?

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Very pretty and congrats on you first bb and tg piece. You did a great job.

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WOW - look at you go, girlie! BEAUTIFUL job - love the colors, and the grout is great. IMO - Spring is a good name for your orb. Don't know why springroll just popped into my mind - hungry for Chinese food maybe?

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How about Spring Eternal! That's beautiful and I would love to find out if you have success at the sale. Best of luck!

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What great names Springroll and Spring Eternal are! How fun! I might just use one of those. I'd been playing with something around a magic sphere, as I'm taking it to try to sell it at a Vikings and Dragons event at the end of the month if it doesn't sell Saturday here in town at our new art walk.

I'm pretty happy with this project, and as many times as I mutttered under my breath at the TG experience, I'm anxious to start another with it. Funny how that goes. I've heard TG is addictive. It is kind of fun to play with when you press it down into place and feel it crack into pieces and then when you wipe off the grout and have all that playfulness.

Thanks for the nice comments and the great name ideas, friends!

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WOW!!! It's Beautiful!!! Gotta get me a BB for sure!!! How out Spring Visions??

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I love it! Very, very nice!

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