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nomooseMarch 30, 2007

I have been lurking on this site for several years - I have gotten lots of great ideas. Now I need help! I am responsible for a photo contest for a horse related association that I belong to and wondered if anyone had ideas for how to display the photos in the contest. The photos can be up to 14 X 16 if framed and if framed they must have something on the back to hang them with. So, I am dealing with 4 categories and multiple photo sizes (framed and unframed). Any suggestions or ideas???

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You know, I keep THINKING about this hoping to have some helpful answer for you, and this really is a tricky one.

It's the mix of framed and unframed photos that's getting me. Is there any way to use various horse-related items on tables, hung on walls, to prop them on? What is the space that you'll be using for this show? And how many entrants are there?

Is there any way of having framed the unframed photos? Usually shows have some sort of consistency with how pieces are supposed to be sent in.

Do you have access to an architectual salvage place, because you could possible hook a number of rustic-type doors together to for a large "screen" and hang them on...

Wow, this is a roughy...

I'll keep thinking. And hopefully someone else will have some insights.


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I'm not sure there is a relatively inexpensive answer or what type of look you are going for. How many pictures are you talking about?

You could always get wooden frames or have someone make some out of barnwood.

If you had a huge piece of glass, you could do a collage behind it with all of the pictures.

Another option would be to see if your members had tables/coffee tables with the glass that sits on top. You could put the pictures under that for protection. That wouldn't work if you were trying to have the people look at pictures as they were walking around the room

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Maybe you could use clothespins on some rope,that would go with the horse theme. I don't know if it would damage the photos though. I like the door/screen idea. Maybe some kind of molding on a board or door,the photos could sit on the molding to be viewed,it could be spaced for the largest photos to fit,and framed and unframed could go on it,and have room for the prize ribbons or what have you. They have siding that is 4'x8',that looks like old barn wood for 13 dollars,at least that what I paid for it here at Home Depot.The other idea is good,too,maybe you could put a horse blanket on a table,and put the photos under glass on it,it would keep finger prints off the photos. Good Luck!

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well gal, I think you could lean some on cowboy boots or hats or riding hate. Maybe look for horseshoes to wire together and make some kind of easel. How about using spurs. Maybe put a pair of jeans and scrunch up and let them hold the photos. Or a scarf bunched up around a frame. Since I do not ride (fell off once as a kid into rose bushes) are there any side saddles around to lean them against. I like the 'photo line' above also. Might try barbed wire (just regular wire twisted and a small piece twisted around it between photos)

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Unfortunately - the rules are already set (not by me) and I will have to deal with framed and unframed photos. Thanks for all of the suggestions - I will try to post a photo after the contest at the end of the month. I would love to hear any other suggestions as well.

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