what to do with old socks?

crafty_momMarch 12, 2006

Over the years we've accumulated tons of socks with holes in them (just little holes) and I haven't thrown any away, because I figured there must be something I can do with them. Aside from using them as rags, does anyone know of a craft or something I can do with them?? I guess I could make sock puppets, but I was hoping for something more useful, lol. :)


Angela 0>:)

~*~ pillowhead designs ~*~


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my mother and I used old socks for pillow stuffing
we cut strips and also cut rings from them ,the rings seem to make a better pillow Rick

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My mom used to put leftover bars of soap in old socks for us kids to use in the tub. Fun to play with and we were clean (at least til we got out of the tub).

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For some reason, my husband develops holes in his thick athletic socks just above the ankle and so he throws them out. I grab them, cut them off ankle-high, then single crochet a couple rounds on each one, turning them into useful footies.

As WichitaRick suggested, use them to stuff toy animals and dolls.

Cut as necessary, partially fill with dry beans, or corn, etc., sew the opening and you have a beanbag for the kids.

If you have an old-fashioned mophead, use the socks for the material that gets clamped in.

Do your kids need to take change to school for lunches or various activities? Drop the $$ in a sock and tie a gentle knot... instant coin purse.

Are any of them knee socks or men's long socks? Make sock monkeys or elephants (the same as the "red-heel" monkeys). They don't have to be made with red-heel socks.

Use them on cold feet (in bed or around the house) in the winter. A few little holes won't matter, especially if you layer them.

Do you have any pre-school boys in the family? Turn down the cuff edge several times and stitch to form a sturdy top. Then attach several of these new "pockets" to the outside front of a pair of shorts or jeans... just right for carrying rocks, frogs, marbles, etc.

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My MIL fills them with rice and sews the end shut. Put them in the microwave for a minute and you have a nice moldable heating pad.

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With the sock lying on a table, mark/cut across the foot, parallel to the front line of the sock and an inch or so farther toward the toe.

Turn down that inch or so, once or even twice, sew in place.

Slip your foot into the hole that you just made,where the foot used to be, with your toes pointing up into what used to be the leg of the sock.

Measure where the end of your toes come, cut across just ahead of that and seam.

Makes a great footie to wear when walking on cold floors.

Use part of the old foot to sew under where the botrtom of your foot will be, or even just under the part where your heel will be, for more comfort when walking, as well as more warmth.

A happy foot leads to a happy disposition on the part of the owner.

Have a lovely week.

ole joyful

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Fill with catnip and tie shut. The kitties love rolling on them and carrying them.

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My GK's used their socks when they went to the beach to carry home their shells and pretty rocks they found.They'd fill them 3/4 full,tie them together and sling them over their shoulder.Easier to carry than a bucket that cuts into your hands.

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I cut them in strips, and use them in my garden to tie plants to stakes. For example my cherry tomato plants get taller than tomato cages, so I tie them to a stake with sock strips. The stretch of the sock gives with the plant growth, and doesn't cut into the stem.

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We did a project with my DD's Girl Scout troop. We filled the socks with catnip and some polyfill, put a knot in the top and donated them to a local animal shelter. The cats loved their new toys.

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OK, here is my 2 cents worth!

Make your own rope toys for your dog(s). I learned this from a dog forum. They are especially safe if you have dogs' that have digestive problems after excessive chewing on raw hides. I have one of those dogs.

Instructions: Straighten the sock, start at either end. Tie a knot, pull tight, as you pull from both ends at the same time, leave an inch or 2 of space, tie another tight knot and keep going until you get towards the top. Try to use socks that don't have too much elastic or loose threads at either end. You don't want lose threads that will catch in their teeth like carpet edges. Holes don't matter.

Boys/Men socks were best. The tough kind they wear with sneakers. I made one for my dogs' 3 years ago, and it is still intact and safe. It even washes well with their dog blankets.


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My GK's also used them to carry rocks and shells from the beach.If you sew or know someone who does,the cuffs can become the ribbing on jackets,sweaters etc,and they come in more colors than you can find at the stores.

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My ex- used to cut old pants, skirts and jackets into strips about 2" wide, perhaps slightly more.

She'd collect old nylons, pantyhose, etc. from friends for a while, then sew the strips from the pants into tubes, with a nylon (maybe two?) inside and turning the edges of the strips inside, of course.

Then she'd use a running stitch to fasten the tubes together, building them into a rug.

It takes some practice to learn how to fasten the tubes together not too tightly and not too loosely around the semi-circular ends, or the rug will bunch up.

She made one about 10' long by about 8' wide, I think. It was about 40 years ago.

The nylons inside the tubes make the rug softer and springier.

Soft underfoot is better than soft in the head, I figure.

ole joyful

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I put old socks under the bed posts so they won't scratch the hardwood floor--looks wierd but...just slip them on the bed (or other furniture) leg then roll down to make less noticeable. Bed skirt covers them.

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Not crafty, but I use DH's old regular and golf sox when I wear my garden clogs when its still chilly outside. They get stained, but that's all I use them for, then no guilt when they finally get tossed.

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Make a sock monkey doll with it. On Carol Duvalls website on Hgtv you might find some patterns.

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They make great mitts for polishing furniture. Also sweater for a chihuahua, just cut out a hole for its head.

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What I do with all of my old socks is slice them width- wise(possibly putting them half in with a washer load of red clothes, to give it more color) and weave them together to make potholders. Its a tradition in the family.

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