Need some trash help again

minicrazyMarch 31, 2005

I need some help. (mental or course, but that is another story!) I am trying to make do with a tiny tiny bathroom-- it is only 5 ft wide by 7 ft long. No storage at all.

Can't afford a huge expensive make over and can't anyway, since it's a rental house. I need suggestions for trashy type items I can use in it as storage. Like for example-- what trash to treasure type thingy can I use to hold swaps and cotton balls? I found some old quilted mason jars but glass, me, bathroom, wet hands--- don't mix.

Any suggestions? And if this isn't an appropriate question for this site, sorry ahead of time.

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How about using little metal creamers or sugar bowls? They are usually easy to find and inexpensive.

For storage of hand towels and misc. you might look for a little dresser with drawers. I found one that is about 3 feet tall and maybe a foot deep which works well in my bathroom. I even hung a vintage toliet paper holder from the side of it.

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Lydia, I'd love a little dresser like yours, but the room isn't big enough. We have even toyed with taking the door off just to give us a bit more room. (it's just the 2 of us)

I thought about little tins, but would they rust with the moisture in the air?

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hanging baskets are great in the bath...the triple basket kind used for veggies in the kitchen. As far as things to hold swabs and cotton balls, like you, I tend to go towards plastic in bathrooms. What about a board nailed to the wall with supports and plastic or wicker basket containers on it? Good will or the local thrift store has loads of baskets. You can also attached wicker baskets to the wall with nails.

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tin and aluminum don't rust at all.. it's why they're used for the things they're used for ;)

but if there's any doubt- you can always give it a shot of a matter spray acrylic to seal it.

the little metal 'posey pockets' they're selling in the craft, garden, and dollar stores make great little wall-hanging holders for things- I've got my hair brush in one, the razors in another, and they work great (at worst, you have to cover the hanger with a ribbon, or a silk flower)

the hanging basket idea's a great one, and we managed to mount a shelf OVER the window in our little bathroom- it holds extra towels.

anywhere you can hang something from the ceiling or the walls will help...those canvas 'shoe pocket' holders can fit a lot of things besides shoes.

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Thanks for the ideas everybody!

I looked for one of the shoe pocket things last weekend-- what in the heck happened to the price of those things??!! Cheapest one I could find was $35, and the only one I could find as a freebie was messed up.

Hanging baskets-- can't do. No place to hang them where we wouldn't run into them. I do like the wall pockets idea. Now, it's trying to get hubby to see their greatness.

Thanks again!

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so if the container does rust, so what, toss them and redecorate the bathroom, ha ha. No just joking...put them in the garden.

check $1 stores for plastic bins and glasses and boxes. Also in the garden part for wall planters of different sizes and styles. They also have shoe holders for the doors.

How about a bicycle basket to hang on wall.

Put something on the outside of the door that you can take in with you...

My husbands bathroom has a small 'throne' room that is sooo tiny. We did buy him a freestanding over the toilet shelf unit for little or great.

Hang one of those plastic purses on the wall for your makeup and such.

You will find just what you need I am sure....let us know.

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I hung a decorative metal basket on the wall over the toilet and keep rolled towels in it. I got the basket cheap at TJMaxx.


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I like the country style. So in my bathroom, I used an old Coke Cola wooden flat (the one that has the sections for bottles). I hung it on the wall. This is where I keep rolled up washrags. It is a unique way to store the washrags.
For toiletries by the sink, I got one of those kitchen racks at the Dollar General. It has hanging hooks on it that is supposed to be for hand towels and oven mitts. It works great for holding a tin for lotions, and hair items. I use the hooks for my hair ties.

I put a hanger on the wall made from a dall rod and that holds my curling irons.

As for the shoe holder that you were looking for, they are super easy to make. Just get some duck cloth (it is stronger and has more body to it) and sew pockets on it. This way you can make the pockets the size that you need.

You could also hang baskets on the wall to hold your things as well.

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Is there a vanity? If not, you could put a skirt on the sink an stash things under there. Could you sew a pocket or two on to the shower curtain? Put a hook into the tank and hang something off the side.

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Do you have a shower curtain, or glass doors? If you have a shower curtain, you could do what I did....I hung a flat backed basket with ribbon from the curtain rod! In it I stash all my hair care products so they're right by the sink.

I too have a very very small bathroom, but at least mine has some cupboards to put towels and stuff. And, an under sink cabinet.


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If you buy shoe pocket thingee made of plastic, they are only 6.00 and they would fit on the back of the door. I have 2, one in my bedroom for shoes and one in my sewing room for notions, needles, crochet hooks ,tape measures, etc. The hooks at the top have to be square other wise it's tough to close the door. I love the 3 hanging basket idea for towels and bath stuff. That would look so cute. All the cheap dollar stores have those.

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Thanks for all the ideas! We finally found a wire shelf and hung next to the sink to hold the overflow from the medicine cabinet, and I hung a small wicker basket below it to hold our brushes and combs.

Love you folks! You came to my rescue!

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