glass coffee carafes

JamieMarch 9, 2006

My coffeemaker broke, and I have 2 carafes for it. The plastic tops of the carafes are stained, and one top is broken. Something is making me hesitate to put carafes in the recycling bin this morning. (Nobody claimed them on freecycle) Is there a use for these?

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Nell Jean

They're marked off in cup increments. Before you use them for measuring in the house or in the garden, use a standard measuring cup to see if they're marked in 8 oz. cups or 6 oz. (coffee) cups.


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hi ,
I have a bunch of them also duh never thought of using them for measuring I am going to plant hen and chicks in one for inside the house also have used them for potting soil scoops
on the potting bench. Rick

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I don't think you can recycle that type of least we can't do that here in Oregon. Something about it being tempered. could use them as gold fish bowls!

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Most carafes are made of borosylicate glass, which is a very different composition from other glass, so can't be mixed with it. And not enough of borosylicate gets tossed to make it worthwhile to collect for recycling. Some torchworkers (people who use high-temp torches to create decorative glasswork) might be able to use it, though, if they are into using recycled glass.

Hmmm, gold fish bowls. I use one I picked up to water my large plants. I like the idea of using one as a planting soil scoop too. Going to have to scavenge another!

Dayle Ann

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