Charlie's Coat

daisymeApril 14, 2009

Here, finally, is "Charlie's Coat", which was orignally planned to be completely covered. I had a really difficult time with fracturing antique china, spending 17 and a half hours with him before deciding to pull off some of the tess and fisnish him like this. I may still finish him sometime as originally planned, but for now, he and I need a "time out" (Smile).

I'm taking him to a sale on Saturday and hopefully someone will love him just as is. When I carried him through JoAnne's a couple of weeks ago people showed quite a bit of interest.

I'm happy he's done for now!

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Oh my girl I had no idea while reading your post and title what I would see. This is absolutely gorgeous. I think it IS perfect as it is. Would imagine if you take it to your sale, it won't be around for long. Love it.


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Hey, DAISEY. As far as I can see, he IS finished. This is absolutely fantastic. You "ain't" gonna finish this puppy, cuz you won't be bringing him home from the sale. I truly LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the way you finished him. That is just the perfect trim for his coat. BEAUTIFUL.

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OMG! Did you glue each one of those beads on individually??? I hope not! He is absolutely gorgeous! Keep showing us your special treasures!

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Great job - it doesn't look incomplete at all and I love the beads. Is there a leather collar under those beads?? He is so cute, how can you not keep him?

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Oh, whew! I'm so grateful for the nice comments! Thank you so much. I was prepared for "6 weeks and that's all?" LOL (I know that some of you know we have other issues going around the house though.)

The bead trim is from Joanne's and is actually two beaded rows on a wider piece of nearly transparent fabric which I trimmed off. The collar beads are on a piece of velvet, which I found really hard to find this time of year. (They consider it a winter fabric). Anyhoo, he's done! Thank you for convincing me that he can stand as he is.....maybe he and I can be friends again now!

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He is gorgeous! And yes he is finished!!!! So precious he is....

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oh wow, i just LOVE this. I can't even imagine him completely covered, because he's perfect with his coat. in this case, less is definitely more! great job!

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Daisyme, Charlie is just awesome.. I love him.. where is your sale sure wish I was close I would go and buy him myself... I love your work you do such neat things.. makes me want to go find a dog and make him a coat.. all my dogs are human tho and I don't think they would let me do that to them.. Thanks for sharing .. and good luck at the sale. keep us informed..

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Hey, Huggy, if he doesn't sell, you'll be the first person I call. (Grin) The sale is here in our hometown in the foothills of California at our new art walk. Then, if he doesn't sell there, I'll have another chance next weekend at a Vikings event (kind of like a Rennaisance Fair) with an attendence of about 500-600 I think. Thanks everyone for the support and great comments. I hope they love him Saturday enough to take him home!

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Gail he turned out so cute. I think your trim around the coat just makes this whole project. Hope he sells for a LOT !!

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My heart is pounding. I admire your talent and creative vision. Can we be so bold as to ask you to let us know how much he finally sells for? He is beautiful. susie

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Suzie, Well, I'm about to change the price above the $65.00 I have on him based on all the positive comments. It'd be fun to get something for the hours I spent on him being so difficult to work with. I'll let you know!

Also, Cindy, thank you! I hope so too!

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DANG daisy, that is SOOOO GOOD! I love it

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Well, my friends, Charlie's Coat is SOLD, along with this KapuKapu (Butterfly in Balinese) birdhouse.

It was a long slow day. Yikes. Where they had live music,and an antique truck with advertising on it outside last time, they didn't have that this month, and only about 40 people came through all afternoon and evening. By 8:30 PM I was packing up when a group came in and the two pieces (and maybe The Cat's House) sold! Geez and hurrah!

I have a people handle your pieces when they're for sale, and does that worry you? I was SO worried about Chalie's collar, as people couldn't resist petting him and picking him up (he did hold together). (By the way, I can hear Slow, Klinger and Calamity chuckling over this as it's how I myself got us all tossed out of a shop in PV this winter. LOL)

Anyway, it was a successful sale for me I think in the end. The TG bowling ball here also garnered a lot of interest but didn't sell.

If it doesn't sell next weekend at the Viking event, I'll give it to my friends who are giving me all the TG I can use. She loves it and has commissioned two. HURRAH!

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Well congratulations, girlie - that's GREAT news. See - we tolja so! Yeah, that WAS funny about you not wanting your project handled. Your BB is beautiful. When I was painting and selling a few, and giving some away, an artist told me "DO NOT GIVE YOUR ART AWAY". Just thought I'd throw that in.

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Slow, I KNEW you'd get a kick out of that one. (grin) I was especially worried about the little gem piece on the front as the two beads were just lightly glued on. The front of the collar had come a little bit loose from handling, but it didn't bother the buyer at all. She told me she has lots of clear drying glue. Whew! I always go over handling of my pieces as they're sold, as I handle them all the time with no problem. It's hard though, because you don't want to be saying "Please don't touch". I think people would walk away embarrassed. I did (though she didn't ask so sweetly)! LOL

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