Made a 'Haul'

des_arc_ya_yaMarch 30, 2005

Friend of my DS and DIL's is tearing down a house and has opened it up to "takers". They (my kids) got two old doors from it that they plan on using on their bedroom and bathroom.

DH and I went over yesterday afternoon and I got three small old windows. Friend is gonna use the 2 over 2 one to do a "Four Seasons" stained glass thingie in.

I also got two old wrought iron porch posts. Probably gonna use as a trellis for some kind of rose (?)

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Good deal! I love things like that. The wrougt iron should make a very nice trellis!

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Cool beans! I'm envious!

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I drove past where a house used to be today that I spent a lot of time in as a teenager. My friend Marci lived there and I spent many nights there...and good memories.

I used to run into her Mother at the store every now and then...but haven't seen her in a few years...I'm hoping she is in an apartment...but I don't know if she is still living or not...

Made me feel sad...I sure wish I would have known when it went down...I would have ask for parts of it.


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Know what you mean, Pattico. There's getting to be more and more of those old houses coming down with all the memories with them.... ((Patti))

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