What can you thrift for $10?

thrift_shop_romanticMarch 19, 2007

Hi folks-

This isn't trash-to-treasure crafting as much as, well, trash-to-treasure fashion, but I know a bunch of folks here are avid flea marketers and thrifters so I thought this might be an appropriate place to share.

A couple weeks back I'd set aside the challenge of thrifting an outfit for $10. I had planned to do this myself, and then some other fine folks joined in, too-- and the results have been posted on my blog site here:


Everybody seems to have had a lot of fun with it, got some stuff they'd actually wear, and learned a lot about shopping on the very, very cheap.

Thrifty Monday to you all,



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I'm great at buying an outfit for under $10 at the GW .
Pants =$3.99
Top = $2.99
shoes = 2.99

MY whole wardrobe in my closet probably was bought for $100 - and that's ALOT of outfits ! I can stretch a dollar til the presidents cry !

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I always shop at yard sales and thrift stores. I could probably get several outfits for 10 dollars at a yard sale,and one outfit at the thrift store. I guess for kids and myself, I've gotten a whole seasons outfits for 10 dollars since everything is usually a dime or quarter or 50 cents,and mostly they still have the tags on them and have never been worn. I bought 2 Sure-Fit slipcovers at a yard sale ( loveseat and sofa) for 10 dollars and gave my living room a new outfit,too!

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TooMuchGlass, you got a good deal at the Goodwill. Sometimes those shoes get a little, well, pricey-- by thrifting standards. :-)

And I've noticed lately that in general it seems easier to get slipcovers a bit cheaper. They were SO expensive a few years ago, and now they're starting to come down pricewise in the stores, plus I'm seeing them more and more at the thrifts. Kudzukween there seems to have gotten a very good deal on the loveseat and sofa ones.

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I lucked out on the shoes - most were marked $4.99 . For whatever reason ,the ones I bought were $2.99 . No complaints here ! I did notice that not all Goodwills prices are the same. The GW by me - tops are $2.99 . A GW farther away - the tops are $3.99 . Target donates all their stuff to the GW on Thursday -- Fri morning you can get some REAL BARGAINS !

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