Trash to treasure bathroom..3 pics

marilyn_cMarch 14, 2006

I found this work bench curbside with someone's trash. I thought it would make a great potting bench, or even a cabinet to go out on the patio for cook outs, but what I need is a vanity for a bathroom we are adding on. I can't decide if I want to leave it open, or put doors on the bottom. Have thought about just putting doors where the shelves are and leaving the other side open. I have some old windows that might work for doors, and some old bubbley glass that I could use too.

I bought a jadite green toilet for $10, so will probably clad this in beadboard and paint it jadite, and put tile on top. I have an old sink and faucets, but the night after I got this counter...I dived a bunch of faucets from the thrift dumpster...all the stuff shown in the 2nd pic. The

3rd picture is a little medical cabinet. I am going to replace the broken glass with another piece of beveled glass. I thought about using it as an end table in the living room, but will probably use it near the tub in the bathroom.

Found a 6' long old tub for $50. It isn't a claw foot tub...I have some of those, but they aren't very long. I wish I could find a clawfoot that is long...because I like the depth.

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Ohhhhh! Great finds! I really love the third cabinet!

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I really like the little cabinet too!! Can't believe the thrift store was throwing the faucets away. They look like brass, are they?

I think I'd use the windows and bubble glass on the 'vanity', just to cover up the plumbing.

It's gonna look great Marilyn! Hope you will share a photo when it's all done!

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Yes, they are brass. The thrift shop throws away much nicer things than they have in the store. Saturday night, just before they closed, someone dropped off a big donation of several boxes of stuff and the workers set it all by the dumpster, because the dumpster was full. Most donations go to the dumpster. They have a distribution center that sends a truck every day, and their back room is crammed, packed full. Anyway, I brought home a truck load of stuff. A lot was bird houses and wooden novelties and lots of interesting jars and bottles. I kept a few bottles, one bird house that had the Texas flag on it, and gave the rest to a friend of mine who sells that kind of stuff anyway and is going to open a shop. I also got a nice braided rug and a cut glass (not pressed) isn't a real old one, but it is very nice, despite 3 chips on the rim from being tossed in the dumpster. They aren't really obvious tho.

I got a lot of other stuff...can't remember it all now. There were 2 sinks in there too, but they were rusted very badly around the drains. Oh, another thing I got was a little teapot made to be a trinket box. It was made by Baum
Bros. and was in a box from Harrod's in London.

The medical cabinet came from my favorite junk store. They had it sitting outside under a lean to, so fortunately, not damanged any more than it is. I am going to spring for another beveled glass for the door. It will be expensive, but will look best, in the end. I paid $70 for it.

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What a great bathroom this will be! What if you did the beadboard and found some glass tiles in the jadeite color for the top? Not that you would likely get them from a dumpster, but they might be worth the splurge since you're saving so much on the rest.

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