Styrofoam Boxes - What to do?????

tuesdayschildMarch 12, 2007

Hi all,

I'm in San Diego and last Christmas, we had a lot of stuff catered (due to illness in the family, we let Stonewall Kitchen, etc. do a lot of our stuff to handle the oodles of houseguests) and I am now left with 11 beautifully crafted styrofoam boxes that things arrived in (with dry ice etc.). The lids and boxes are a thing of beauty..... I can't find a use for them and San Diego seems to have no way to recycle styrofoam, so I'm trying to find someone who might need some lovely boxes -- their fit and construction is gorgeous and I'm sure it'd keep anything cool/preserved etc.

Does anyone have any ideas about who might be able to reuse these???? They have been sitting in my garage for 3 mos while I try to figure out what responsible thing to do with them.

I'm so upset about not being able to recycle them down here, I'm considering mailing the dang things up to my former neighbor in the Bay Area so she can take them to the recycling center (since there are 4 up there......) AGGHH Help!

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Just cruising the forum this morning - I hang out on the Stained Glass/Mosaic site, but can't resist suggesting you use them for mosaics. One of our members wraps styrofoam in duct tape then mosaics them. Your boxes could become wonderful planters. Since I have mosaics on the brain, all I can think about is mosaicing them into garden - or inside things such as tables, stools whatever, or shadow boxes etc.

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Hello, Tuesdayschild. I wanted to know if you thought these boxes could be used to ship live fish? I am not having luck w/ what I am using w/ the USPS and I am looking for an alternative.
Thank you,

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I have a few styrofoam boxes which I am saving in case I need to ship a very fragile item for eBay, but I wouldn't consider them beautiful. :-) Are yours carved or shaped differently? If so maybe you could paint them with a metallic type paint? They'd look like metal then, although I still don't have any ideas of what to use them for (except maybe planters?).

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Can they be used again for transporting food or drink by the catering company? Maybe you could return them to Stonewall Kitchen?

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I was thinking mosaics too! They could be coated in mortor
or plaster and used for mosaics. Can you post a pic of them?


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check out the hypertufa forum. You can use them for forms for planters and such. Or maybe someone there would pick them up from you and use for that purpose.

Also they make nice boxes for the back of your vehicle when you go to the store and get frozen or cold food.

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What are the dimensions of the boxes?

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