Help me give dresser new life!

erykah0708March 9, 2006

I purchased this dresser at a garage sale for $15. Its solid wood but the color is horrid!

any ideas on a good color for it?

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What colors do you have in the room? Is this the room you intend to keep it in and is the room decorated the way you want it? Is there a color you like more than others?

Really you could go with any color of the rainbow. Often people choose white though and another good color for wood furniture is black!

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I'd go with black and sand down the edges, but I decorate in country prim. What is your decorating style? ~Anj

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I like the idea of black also. Where will you be using it?

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I think it depends on the other colors in the room also. I'm partial to a soft white myself. I'd definatly find some new knobs. Depending again on what look you're trying to achieve - there are some wonderful figural ones, ones that looks like sticks or leaves or my favorite - the clear crystal vintage reproductions - perfect with white!

Nice find BTW!!

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I'm also seeing black, maybe with the edges sanded down in a soft distressed look. Its got great lines, very classis. You could go with a brushed nickel knob or some mis matched old white porcelian door knobs as oversized drawer pulls. I saw this look on a recyled desk and it was cool, kinda funky and contemporary.

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If you're going to use it in that room, why not pick up the blue in the quilt and some shabby chic white knobs. I got a bunch at a GS once, they were white ceramic with pink roses...I think they sell them at Home Depot or Lowes.

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With all the flat surfaces, this bureau would be a really good candidate to do some decoupage on. Here area couple ideas.

Example 1
Example 2
Example 3
Example 4
Example 5

I did something similar on my son's dresser. I painted the bureau silver and then did a black crackle over the top. The drawers I decoupaged with a black and silver wrapping paper. It came out awesome!


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Ivory, tan, or gold with a raw umber glaze. Wood appliques stencils, or Tatouage(transfers/ to give it a more unique look. Change out the hardware, maybe handles instead of knobs to take up more of the empty space. ;o)


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From looking at the arrangement on top...I'd say..tune in to your inner feelings .. Might I suggest behr's interior semi gloss enamel "Scotland Ise". Lightly sand..then prime in a light coloured latex..then 2 coats of the above..

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