Recycle An Old Sweater Into A Shoulder Cape and Also Make A Cap

kudzukweenMarch 5, 2010

I just recycled 2 old sweaters into shrugs, and a cute cap, and also leg warmers out of the sleeves...I just didn't finish sewing those yet!

Links and photos on my blog for the how-to's.

Here's the beige sweater turned into a shrug, and also a cap. I used a striped sweater for a shrug,too.

Here is a link that might be useful: kudzu's blog

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Love the cap & shrugs! Great save on the sweaters. Think my GD would love them!! Jan

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Love it! What a great re-use idea for sweaters.
Vickie of "Garden Junk"

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How do you keep the shrugs from unravelling?

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thanks ya'll! i bought another old sweater for .99 cents today, it's stretched out and huge, so i hope to make a few things out of it :D

i forgot to add a link to my blog!

lazygardens, if you go to my blog you can see more photos and some really great links to other blogs; in fact i am collecting sites in a certain post on reconstructing your wardrobe :D i've added some more links!

i used a zig-zag stitch to keep it from unraveling; some sweaters just don't unravel as bad as others. i stretch the sweater when i sew it so it gets that curly lettuce edging.

come visit my blog!


Here is a link that might be useful: kudzu's blog

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Kudzu, went to your blog, but didn't see anything about a 'beige sweater', just your mention of making leg warmers also. What part of the sweater did you use for the cap? I'll be having a new GD soon, and would love to make her a cap(maybe several!), and maybe Mom a shrug to match baby's cap. It's a great idea! Thanks for sharing. ;o)

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hey patty! i'll link right to that post..if you scroll on down you'll see 'older posts' and you can click it to find lots of other posts, and there's the link within boxes under each post that sometimes have similar ideas:D
i used a section of the leftover sweater that came off the body of it. i used a large dinner plate for the circle pattern cutting it out a couple inches bigger all around; and the neck of the sweater for the caps little hatband.
congratulations on the new GD,too! a great idea would be to thrift or recycle some soft cotton turtlenecks or t-shirts. get adult sized, make the capelet/shrug from the body of it, if there's enough left of the body, cut out your circle, piece it if you have to, or use the sleeves :D lots of fabric there! the neck would be about the right size for the hatband, or cut it smaller, or make your own from another part of the sweater( maybe the sleeve)
sorry i'm tying and thinking at the same time :D


Here is a link that might be useful: cap and capelet tutorial links

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Thank you kudzu! I love that little hat!! I'm a thrift store junkie so will definitely be goin' shoppin' for some turtlenecks!

Keep the ideas comin'! ;o)

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