Marti8a - ??????

idie2liveNovember 12, 2009

Marti8a, this is a question about the Ashley room planner link that you gave me.

I cannot figure out how to get the room plans out of the Ashley site and into this forum. I tried to save them to my hard drive, but could not. Help!


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I think you can register, but I just do a screen save. Havertys has a new room planner too.


I haven't tried it yet so it may be just like Ashley.

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-- 'I just do a screen save'?
I did register. When I save the plans, it saves them on their site. There is no option to save it anywhere else. When you posted those floor plans for me from this site, you were somehow able to export them into Photobucket, right?

It must be age, because I used to be able to figure this type of stuff out for myself. lol

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Yes, I did a screen save, then saved it onto my computer with MS Paint (I don't know another way to get it into jpeg format) and then from there, cropped out everything except the floor plan, and saved it onto photobucket. Sounds complicated, but it really wasn't. The only downside is that you can't go back & tweak the same plan later. Saving on their site would do that I guess. I never registered.

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Look on your key board for Print Screen key . Usually it is somewhere up by the numbers. Tap it and you see nothing. Then go to paint and open a new project or white window and go to file and click paste. Magically your whole page you were looking at goes into the Paint window. Then crop out what you want and save as jpg. Load it up to photo bucket and you are set.


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Thanks Chris, I didn't see her question mark.

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Thanks! I finally got

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