What to use to make a tall pedestal?

linnea56February 9, 2009

I have a chest set at an angle in a corner. I decided the corner space is just perfect for a silk flower arrangement. I would like to make some kind of pedestal for this: functional rather than decorative, as everything but the top will be hidden by the chest. I have other pedestals but even the tallest is too short for this spot.

IÂm trying not to spend much money right now so need to make it. IÂm stumped about from what, though. All I can think of is lumber or foamcore, there must be something more creative. Any ideas?

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I'm thinking you want the arrangement right in the corner behind the chest & you need something to set it on like a tall plant stand. Maybe an old wooden floor lamp that you could attach a circle of wood to that's about 8 in across. Seems like old Early Am. floor lamps used to be heavy or maybe just a pillar like people use to divide a room from another room. Maybe used porch pillar you could cut down, look & see if anyone is redoing a porch or house is facing wrecking ball. Well, probably not much help! Lino for the floor used to come on heavy cardboard rolls some of it was 6 ft. so could ask if they have any they are throwing out(so many people are putting in tiles or wood floors) Jan

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If you go to Target in their garden area..they have square 6 or 8" high pedestals like you can set a mosaic bowling ball into. If not there-check garden centers. It looks like a short version of a bird bath pedestal

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Those little round tables that have the screw in legs are pretty cheap. Would one of those work in that corner. If it's still too short, just put a couple old books or bricks under each leg. Or put a box on top of the table to lift your arrangement up higher and throw a tablecloth over it all.

One more thought would be to cut out or buy a corner shelf and attach it in the corner at the height you want.


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The space is not wide enough for one of those tables. I actually have one in the basement. A shelf attached to the wall would be too far in the corner, the pedestal is actually going right behind the chest.

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What about some concrete blocks stacked on top of each other. I've done that in the past, cause the chest would hide them.

Donna in Florida

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I'm usually on the garden junk forum, but had to pop over here to view all the creative ideas everyone comes up with. And had to take time out to comment on this thread. Big stacked books, like old encyclopedias, would make a great pedestal. People would love to give books away for free.
Thanks for letting me share.

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I've used cardboard boxes and then toss a piece of fabric over the top to disguise the boxes.

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A 4" X 4" post from the lumber section; you can have it cut to any length you want. Attach to a square board for a base and another one for the top.

Or... if you can find one at a garage sale... one of this old stands people used to hang a bird cage from.

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If you have an "Old Time Pottery" near you they have pedestals of all sizes and quite cheap..or maybe a Flea Mrkt.?

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Barbara Kelly

Screw an angle bracket to the back of the chest, then top it with a square of plywood. Cheap, and easy.

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I just checked, there isnÂt an Old Time Pottery near me. Too bad! Looked promising from their website. The chest is 110 years old, so I donÂt want to attach anything to the back.

I was in Target yesterday and saw a large area with clearance furniture. I saw a tall wooden floor lamp and went running over there, getting excited. Price: $ 69, on CLEARANCE. At Target. Yeesh!

Looks like the 4 x 4 with boards top and bottom is the best bet.

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What I'd do is design and have my DH build a tall wooden box about 8" x 8" and stand it on end and attach a top and base slightly larger of plywood. Then add pieces of crown molding both top and bottom.

Not sure which would cost less, the 4 x 4 post or some boards or plywood but you could cost it out. We often get free wood pieces in the scrap pile at a small mill where we buy lumber. Even some large lumber yards often have boxes or piles of free lumber so you might find the shorter pieces needed there.

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A large (8" maybe) piece of PVC pipe, using a piece of 2x12 for a base and 1x12 for the top, could be a solution to your problem.

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If you have an IKEA in your area, look in their
"damaged" area. They have some broken stuff that might work.

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This pedestal was a curb find. I gave it a paint wash, lacquered it & topped it with a free 12"x12" granite sample. Since this picture was taken I've used textured stone paint on it. It's holding up better.

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Its funny that this thread is still going. I wonder what Linnea finally chose?
I would get a big pot at Biglots and turn it upside down. I have one in my garden and a different style on my porch.

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Nice job, Nicole! Yes, funny how this old thread keeps popping up. I never made it, though I�m READY to make it, LOL!

I finally bought two resin candle stands on clearance at Hobby Lobby. One is short and one is tall, but the height of both together is about the height of the chest. Diameter of the round part on the top is the same. I plan to hot glue them together. Bottom one right side up, top one upside down. Then, I will glue on a carved edge wooden plaque on top, which I will paint or stain. Since the candle stands are already in a good finished color (antiqued brown), I don't need to do anything to them, other than be careful not to slop the hot glue around.

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There is no mention of the height needed. Freecycle or the free section of Craigslist may have a floorlamp. Or, why use a pedistal. Why not hang the flower arrangement from the ceiling?

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You didn't mention how big of a space ...how about a pair of shutters each one that folds on hinges, and using them so that when put together make a square. They come in all sizes for width and height. You could probably find them at any yard sale or second hand shop. For the top maybe a nice ceramic tile...another could be used on the bottom and the whole thing glued to it for stability. Paint or stain it to match your decor.

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Brushworks Spectacular Finishes

I bought some 31x9x9" speaker stands at a garage sale for $2 each.

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how about coffee cans stacked upon each other put some rocks in each can then glue them together& cover or paint them

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I make glass plant stands out of florist vases, light fixtures, punch bowls, plates whatever I can find at thrift stores. Easy to customize, unique and a blast to make! It does take a while to accumulate the pieces but that's OK. Just gives me another reason to go to the thrift store.

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