Coffe table-WIP

cathyscacheApril 2, 2009

Started on a coffe table last week. I took the top from an old wood desk and refinished it, because I liked the shape of it. I then attached it to a small bench that I wasn't real fond of and made myself a coffe table. I added glass of course and I glued the last birch bark panel on this morning. I will grout tomorrow. All that will be left is the decorative nails, which I have had to order.

When my husband saw the 2 together he asked and I quote "What are U doing now?" I said making a coffe table. He shook his head and wallked away. (Again he thought I had lost my mind)!! Go figure!!!!

Well this morning he admitted it was looking pretty good. I love when I prove him wrong!!!! Later, Cathy

Here is a link that might be useful: Coffee table-WIP

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Yeah, I'm shaking my heat too - at your speed, ideas and stick-to-itivity. W/LOVE to see you work. Don't know when you sleep, but you must be young to get so much done so quickly.

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Cathy, between you and Slow my head just keeps spinning. Man just keeping up with your posts is making me want to take a break. LOL But keep em coming. You give us plenty of ideas and inspiration.


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Slow I'll be 52 next month, but sometimes when I get up in the mornings, I feel 95!!!!!!!!!!. And yeah I sleep some. I do always seem to need more though!!!!! Never have enough time or sleep.....Keeping house, taking care of grandkids and my mosaics....time is always an issue. I just have so many things to get done before summer's here...thanks all Cathy

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Hi all, THE COFFE TABLE IS DONE!!!!!. The last of the 4 pcs. They are all now adorning our living space!!! I'm sure glad cause it seems like I have been working on these 4 pcs forever. But I think they were well worth the extra time. Anyway I am now on to other things!!!! I think maybe a headboard?? Cathy

Here is a link that might be useful: Finished coffe table

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Four jobs well done. A headboard - WOW - you are something else. You probably have it half done this morning.

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Another Cathy special!!!! Lovely!!!

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Thanks guys. I truly am loving looking at these when I get up in the mornings. Oh Slow you make me laugh!! But no my back needed a break last night. I have also decided we need matching end tables (might as well make it complete). So I'm headed to town today to see what I can find. Here I go again, but they shouldn't take too long and that's only if I can find some.
I also need some more glass. I have to order mine so it will be a week before I can even start on the tables or headboard. So I will have to come up with someting else til my glass gets here. Maybe pots for the deck. Not sure yet.

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