Laundry basket as storage

ani_tFebruary 20, 2011

I found some round plastic laundry baskets in bed bath beyond fir a dollar and want to use them to store the kids toys. I don't know if decoupage , which I just discovered , will work. The baskets are all holey as laundry baskets usually are.

How would I go about making them living room friendly ?

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What about lining them with a coordinating fabric? Or take fabric scraps or trim and weave them in and out of the holes and tie a big bow where they meet?

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You could tear your fabric into strips, then cut them about 5 - 6 inches long and tie them on and leave the ends dangling. You would have a ruffled shabby look. I've done this to the little plastic tote bags that used to be so popular, and Wal Mart actually had some this past summer, that I quickly snatched up.

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How old are the kids? That is most important as if they are under 5 don't use fabric strips. Little boy at our church was put down for a nap, mom went shopping & daddy laid down to watch ballgame. Daddy went to check & 2 1/2 yr. old had gotten himself caught in the ball fringe that had partly come off the edge of his toy-box, it was too late. That was 30 years ago, I still think about it often. No hanging drapery cords or other cords, no fringe or stuff that can come off a blanket,toy box or storage boxes. Get some plastic spray paint & couple of little brushes little bigger than for watercolor painting & just paint some X O X O X or Books on 1 or Puzzles on another & swoosh the brush in a circle or semicircle to make fantasy flowers, in bright colors kids will love them, Joanne's or Michael's has acrylic paints in little 2 oz. bottles, don't know how well they would hold up on plastic but if you have some or want to try it they have a lot of colors. With the plastic spray paint I would go outside & spray some paint in lid of can & use that to paint on letters, numbers or make flowers, using 3 colors so they would be nice & bright. Have fun. If the kids are older & no young kids hang around or visit your house then fabric sounds like a cute idea. Jan

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Thnkyou for your ideas.

That i such a terrifying story. My daughter is almost 3, but I think this age is more dangerous than when she was a baby. She can get into so much trouble but does not have the skill to extricate herself out of it.

I have a big clutter problem and need to put things in containers that dont show things through,. that is why I was thinking of fabric. So paint wont work.

Does anyone know what kind of glue holds fabric to plastic ? I went to joannes and spent about an hour in the glue aisle and came back with nothing because there were so many choices I did not know what to buy.

I also thought I could buy heavy weight cardboard boxes, that they seem to have at Joannes in small sizes and covered with fabric. But they are too expensive and too small for my needs. I was hoping to find out what they are called and where I could find them.


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Why not get solid bins/totes I think they are called. I have a couple full of clothes. They come in all sizes & have lids you could put on but DD probably couldn't get off. Try thrift shop for wooden toy chest/bench & fix it up be sure lid is easy to open so she couldn't get stuck in there. Look in Craig's list or newspaper under "Kid's stuff" for 2nd hand items in good condition without fringe(or remove it) What happens if you use fabric & as it ages 1 or 2 of the little tabs break on laundry tub & she gets her head caught & can't get loose. Buy a sheet of 3/4 in. plywood & make a box for toys & cover it with a beach towel went full. I have thrown out laundry baskets when the things you want to weave in & out of broke, that was years ago now they are even more cheaply made, I can't understand risking your childrens lives. I also got to mourn with our whole church went 2 kids went missing for several hours, they were found in the garage in empty refrigerator that nobody bothered to tie cord or chain around or put the door against the wall.Police all thought they had checked it. They were found with arms around each other so they knew they were going to die,they just didn't have sense enough to kid door open.They were in there sideways so were just kicking the walls & had bloody feet. Kids can't get out of these situations, just like all the kids that died in dryers years ago, they were going to ban front load washers & dryers but couldn't on the dryers so they put in the magnetic catch & that worked, now those laws have been dumped & my neighbor across the street had 3 yr old & went out & bought the set, well I butted in & told her how dangerous they can be & don't take stuff out when she is around as nothing more exciting to a kid than a nice warm crawlspace. Next day's paper had a kid's death in it. Not important unless it is your kid. I'm in my 60's so know of at least 10 kids that died in these kind of incidents. Your kids spend a lot of time in their rooms playing, it needs to be a safe haven. Try thinking of how you would feel to walk in & find your kid in trouble or worse. You are your kids guardian angel!

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