Another Old Bottle Project-Fairy Bottle

kudzukweenFebruary 27, 2009

Check these out, my granddaughter and I made them today using some die-cuts bought from Michael's, yard sale bottles, wire,beads,sequins, glitter, sparkly fillers, and heart charms. My sister bought the colored bottles for me at a yard sale. I'm going to try others with larger jars, and some old medicine bottles.

Go check them out...

Here is a link that might be useful: Kudzu's Blog

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Kudz, I sent you an email... got a question... What kind of paper do you use to print your pictures that you use in your beautiful creations??? I have saved some images from the net and want to print them but I'm not sure about what kind of paper. Also will the ink smear if you use something like modge podge??

Thanks for your help.

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Good Morning Bright! and thanks for the wonderful compliments! I'm sorry, I haven't been reading my mail, and my mail box is full, so I didn't get it. But, I print images out on cardstock, or plain old white paper, sometimes tracing paper, it looks so unique like that, wings especially. Yes, the ink will smear, I don't know how to make better quality prints. Oh, sometimes I print on photo paper,too,and vellum because I bought a stack at a yard sale for a dime. but I try to get the mod podge on it quickly with as few strokes as possible. Once you get the first coat on it's not bad. I set my printer to plain paper. If I cover it in mod podge I add glitter last otherwise it dulls it...

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