emagineer, I don't know how else to answer you

marti8aNovember 21, 2011

There wasn't an email in your post.

Yes, you can use the words. Which ones, the Possum Trot or the General Store? I just made the stencil on Word and enlarged it to 400 using Copperplate Gothic in bold, I think. I just looked to see if I kept the document so I could send it to you, but I just printed it & didn't save it.

I had just read that method of aging wood, but it said to use a steel wood pad and dark vinegar, let sit overnight, and then paint it on. I thought I might try that since it wouldn't cause the wood to shrink the way the baking soda did. But now after it's been up this long, and after the cool weather and recent rain, I'm not as afraid of the windows cracking. It was probably 105F when I tried aging it the first time.

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The mixture can be used at any temp, environment will only change the amount of drying time. It is primarily vinegar. Tis' the steel that causes aging. The more you use the more it will age, plus the amount of steel wool or nails, anything that rusts. You will see a change fairly quick. Plus no paint smells, just vinegar and this sets the aging. The nails cause the aging. Will be gray/natural as if in the elements forever.

Of importance though, you can't go back. Also, getting it on anything else, even fabric, will never come out. Once it is aged will stay that way. You can paint over it though. Just slap the mixture on with a brush, like a wash. Be sure to test it on a similar wood. Dark woods like majogany really turn dark, but light ones look gray,aged.

I liked the idea of having a sign over the the door to finish off my shed. It was the look that appealed to me. Have an old one to do this with. You have done a lot of work and love it all.

Not sure about the email, I'll send one again and you can reply to see if it works.

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Your first came up as noreply in the email slot.

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