Painting brass light fixtures

SandiDFebruary 24, 2005

I just picked up 3 light fixtures from a freecycler this evening & would like to know if there's any special techniques for painting on brass. The 3 fixtures are fine, but shiny brass isn't really my thing.

There's one chandelier, one ceiling fan & one pendant. The pendant is like a big bowl & I was thinking about using glass paint on the glass bowl part. The ceiling fan will definately be painted. It's going in my 11 yo DD's room & her theme is Out of Africa.

Please give me input before I go buying paint to give these my touch. Thanks!

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spray paint is the best thing for painting the fixtures that I've ever found, honestly. for most cases, Rustoleum is perfect for the job, and comes in a pretty good selection of colors.

another option is to prime and paint with automotive spray paints (from the autoparts store) which sometimes come in different colors.

a third option is to patina them either green or rust, since they're metal to begin with (there are a ton of kits for this out there)

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Thanks! I bought some Rustoleum Hammered Dark Bronze & some Brown Hammered today. I'll let my DD choose which one she wants & I'll decide what color I want for the other two later.

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I spraypainted 2 hanging lights with spray paint, one silver and one pink. They turned out so cute. It gives a lamp a whole new look!

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