Recycle Fabric-Make Burned Fabric Flowers

kudzukweenFebruary 11, 2010

Easy...but be careful! Keep a bowl of water handy!

Use coat linings or old scarves, anything you think is suitable. Cut out several different sizes of circles and melt the cut edges in a flame....I use a candle...stay away from the soot! Then sew the circles together with a few stitches in the center, adding a button or some beads for the middle of the flower. Sew on a bobby pin or barrette, or a pin backing.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kudzu's Blog

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Very nice!! Wonder how taffeta would work, I think I have some red. Would be nice pin for my mom!! I would do the "burning" over the kitchen sink tho. Pearl centers are nice too!! Jan

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Does the burnt part flake off ? --- or smell ? I "Accidentally " burnt fabric awhile back and it smelled soooooo bad -- sure brings back bad memories !! LOLL

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You make it sound so easy...oh if I wasn't such a bafoon when it comes to this

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cut out a small piece of fabric, and test it out. mine hasn't had any flaking off, the burnt part is solid. I didn't notice much of a smell, mostly when I blew the candle out :D it IS easy, lol.......all it is is wavy edged circles cut out in graduated sizes. Burn the edges, and sew them together in the center with a few stitches and a bead or a few beads, for the flower center. I'm sewing some onto black pony tail holders today...I bought 30 nice black elastic ponytail holders on a chain for $1.
When I was making quilts, I had a burn chart that helped you tell whether your fabrics were all cotton or not. Burn a cut edge and depending on whether it burned or how it burned, you would be able to tell the fabric's content. I'll try to find something similar!
hope this helps!

copy and paste this link for fiber helps for lots of different crafts!

Here is a link that might be useful: fiber content chart

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thanks for the information. I wondered what you meant when you said you put a burnt fabric flower on your re-cycled sweaters. Now I know. and does make a pretty flower.

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Kudzu, do you know if there is a video on how to
do these flowers? I need to 'see' how it's done--
Also wonder if one of those small craft torches
would work for the flowers....

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Nonacook, I think you want a little tiny flame, just enough to singe the edges. Could use a fireplace match with the long wooden end, but I would still do it over the sink. I do paper or card stock that way & it makes a very pretty edge for invitations, Even a poem cut from an old "Ideal" looks wonderful with that kind of edge. Try something like that 1st to get feel for doing it then the fabric won't be so scary. I do have a damp cloth spread out to quickly touch should it want to burn more than I want. Jan

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hey! sorry it took me so long to get back....but i searched and found a youtube video on a scrapbooking tutorial that shows how to make burned fabric flowers.
if i had a small torch i'd try it out, lol....i'd think maybe there'd be no smut, or much less smut, but i don't know. however, all the sites i've run across have all used candles. practice, and you'll find the best spot to hold it over the flame. mine is about 1/2" above the actual flame, and off to the side about 1/2" to avoid the black smut.(soot?)
hmmmm......i wonder how a wood burning tool would do? i don't have one anymore, so i can't try that. i do have a soldering gun i've never quite!
keep a bowl of water handy and put your hair up! and....the best hint i found..don't let your grandkids see you do this!! oh, and turn off the ceiling fan and wait til the air or heat shuts off, that has ruined many flowers for me.

Here is a link that might be useful: youtube video how to burn fabric flowers

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I will definitely try this! They're gorgeous~thanks for sharing. ;o)

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