looking for vintage valentine cards

jakemanFebruary 22, 2005

i would like to make frames from these for my mother with all our kids pictures in them. i can trade many perennil seeds. narke004msn.com or tell me what your looking for?

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jakeman, Have you tried to find the cards and candle holders on your local freecycle.org group? I posted a wanted for candle holders on mine and got lots of responses. I just gave away all my vintage and old cards I collected for years. I wish I had seen this first.

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Vintage valentines are worth big bucks. Did you know some valentines are going for 100 bucks???? Holy smoke, don't cut em up.!!! I 'm keeping mine in a scrapbook and I sold some on ebay.

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I saw some in a thrift store yesterday - mint condition - $30 apiece!

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see??????? I told ya!!! LOL

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Here is a valentine postcard framed in a frame I bought after Christmas 75% off. It is the perfect size. I wish kids had the kind of Valentines I had when I was a kid. Cute little doggies, kitties, cute sayings, not these fold things they have now. Do you remember those?

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What about scanning and printing some..

I have some but they were my mothers. She has been gone for 52 years...I would never part with them. And I'm not sure there are any in the bunch that would make good frames. Many of them are small like children would give. But a few are the ornate 3 dementional ones. I could look to see if they have a place in the center that would hold a pic.

Actually the one in the picture looks like a postcard Valentine. There are many sites on the net that have postcards you can print. You would have to enlarge them But they might be what you are looking for.


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I copied some old valentines, cut them out and decopaged them onto a lamp shade. Well actually I did 2, and they turned out so cute! It was fun.

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If you don't mind that they are reproductions, Dover Publications has some really neat old-fashioned Valentines Postcards. I got 24 for $5.95. And they also have Old Fashioned Stickers. I just bought some of their old fashion holiday cards and stickers. They have tons of stuff. They have a web site: www.doverpublications.com
I was just in some antique stores over the weekend and they had some in bags for a $1.00. They were smaller ones. I hope to get back there this weekend. They are having March Madness sales. Some of the booths are 50%. If you like I can check them out for you and get them if you like. Ley me know.

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Dover Publications also has vintage cd roms that you can buy. that way you can also design and get more choices.

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