I am chomping at the bit to remodel the kitchen, but

marti8aNovember 22, 2011

I'm just too frugal to get rid of my appliances when they still work. Wish they'd just die already and put me out of my misery!

If I could replace my cooktop and both wall ovens with this, I could easily have the open kitchen I want with island.

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OOooo, I'd love to have a range like that. My favorite is the Fratelli Royal.

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That range looks like a tank, you couldn't get away with blaming the range if you ruined a meal :) That range demands perfection(look at the price !) If I screw up I can always blame the Magic Chef I bought used.It's comforting. I haven't had to do it yet but I like knowing that I can :)
I'm in same boat: I did kick out the fridge and replaced it with a GE Profile bottom freezer WHAT A LUXURY to not have to "crawl" into the fridge.(I don't know the model I bought it used)
DW is GE PotScrubber 600 series and of course beloved Magic Chef, which heats fast !!
Still I really like the look of "pro" euro styles...can't vent outside so that must wait until I get a house...

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YIKES Marti. Really?? It is quite the stove. But... Honestly I am not sure I would like dealing with cleaning the top of it. I do not cook that much to need a stove that big. Not that we eat out I just do not cook as much food now we are older and since we have no family to come visit I do not cook big fancy meals.

I think we have a Magic chief too. It is a glass top. You do need to be a little careful with them. I love the glass top and find it easy for me to clean. I also bought it used off Craigs list. Maybe you can find the stove of your dreams that way Marti and it would be more affordable.

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"I am not sure I would like dealing with cleaning the top of it. I do not cook that much to need a stove that big. Not that we eat out I just do not cook as much food now we are older and since we have no family to come visit I do not cook big fancy meals."

I'm with ya on these! couldn't come anywhere near justifying that price for an occasional meatloaf, baked chicken and garlic toast. or the topside for a grilled cheese or egg sandwich. or scrambled eggs. that covers most of my 'cooking' these days - lol!

I bought a GE coil top stove off CL for 120.00 - people down the road a few miles. They even brought it over and put in my LR (old one still in place in kitchen). very good condition and clean. the top lifts up to clean under the coils. Should be more than I need - after using a 1 burner hot plate for 13 yrs now!

I was afraid to get a glass top one - I'm too likely to drop something on it and crack it.

And NO WAY would it be safe for me to have a gas stove! I even use battery run candles now.

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Marti, think about donating those appliances and getting a tax deduction. Do it before the end of December. I'm sure your DH has an idea what an extra $500 or so in donations could do for your tax bill this year. Especially if you have the access to Habitat for Humanity, built in ovens would be really welcomed.

I'm sure you can find appliances that whould make this choice a very practical one.

Steph, I presently have a TWO burner hotplate which I've used about two years now. Since I got disgusted with the electric stove that would not work because water had dripped down on its burners and rusted out the wiring, and it was always shorting out. Plus it had rat droppings in the oven, and so they were getting down into the stove through the oven vent. That so grossed me out that I took the stove apart and threw it out to the trash the same day. It was a 30" wide range.

What I am planning for our kitchen remodel is a 24 inch gas full Bertazzoni Italian range with a small oven (convection). And it is possible these days to get a two burner gas cooktop, and add a two burner electric cooktop right beside it. You can put your cooking tops anywhere you like. And the lovely thing is, you probably already have the ovens you like (say about that, Marti?) and can just do the new counter tops with the cook top where you like it.
Most families who want a "full size" range mean a 30" range, and they might not appreciate the 24" sizes. I think that smaller size is still called "apartment" sized? But in my book, I want a stove that I can do stir fry with my wok. You can cook quick, use less fuel that way, and get it over with. Most of our home expense is air conditioning, and keeping the house from overheating during the cooking process is important. I think that will be a consideration for Marti down there in Texas as well?

My DH has a glass cooktop on his GE 2 oven range. It is fine, but I like to use my cast iron pans, and dutch oven. I don't like to use Teflon pans, which are treated with PTFE (polytetrafluroethylene) because it is very harmful to birds. And to people with respiratory problems too, as it so happens.

Well, that's all I gotta say about that for now. :)

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Hi ML So gad to see you posting. Hope you had a safe trip.

We had a 24 inch stove and DH was SURE he would have to buy me a new one. OH NO I LOVED this range. I could span my griddle across two of the burners and it was fantastic. I even cooked my very first ever 22 pound turkey in that oven. If I did not have a 30 inch space here already built into the counters I would love to have my old 24 inch back. Much rather have the counter space.

I think it is a great idea to donate to get new of what you want.We got new appliances with the house and did not have much choice. I did not opt for the glass top and got electric with the burners and used it for a year and it made me crazy trying to keep it clean. Yes the glass tops can be a pain not being able to use the old cast iron but then I have my gas stove on the porch for that.

It really is a beautiful stove Marti I am just not chief enough to want one this fancy.And I am too tight so spend that kind of money on a stove.

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ML - isn't it amazing what we live with /put up with sometimes? I couldn't have cooked in one w/droppings either tho. The one in my 'new' place I hadn't looked at that closely. I looked close enough to know I really didn't want to put the work into cleaning it. and it was white. I wanted bisque to match my fridge. The one I got is very clean - I'll have to clean it down of course (would anything used) but she had it very clean already. Since the place has the 30" cut out for one I figured I'd go ahead and put one in. And my little counter top oven isn't the best looking thing to have sitting out on the counter top either. It's also not so easy to find cookie sheets to fit it.

If someone's a great cook and does a lot of it - and has the money that IS a beautiful stove. Food just isn't that important to me. I've gotta eat and like to eat things I like but I'm happy with basics - and don't have the energy to cook much. Besides, it's just me.Physically I just can't cook and bake like I did yrs ago when raising the kids.

just like I was sick on Thanksgiving. Didn't even make it to my sister's for dinner. I went over late afternoon today to pick up leftovers (and ate 2 helpings when I got home - so good!). A few yrs back when I still did cook a dinner for myself for thanksgiving it took me 3 or 4 days to do it. and that was just using a few chicken breasts (cheaper than a turkey breast), some dressing, potatoes and the grn bean casserole. lol! When my BIL moved out here I started going there for dinner - that's been great. He loves to cook, is good at it and spends hrs in the kitchen doing it. My sister 'retired' from cooking also.

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Steph, I agree with you about food not being that important. To ME, it isn't, but to my DH, it is super important. When you are hungry as a child, you never seem to lose that need to be assured about having enough FOOD, no matter how old you get. One of our ongoing disagreements is how MUCH food he brings home, and he is the one who loves to grocery shop, and then we have no place to store things. Just the two of us, yet he gets the LARGE ECONOMY DOUBLE PACKS at places like BJ's (up north) and Sam's Club (down south). With him, I must really have a good pantry which will hold LARGE PACKAGES. I get smaller size things, because I do not like to eat stale Cheerios or rancid butter. And I like my fridge kept clear of partially filled pickle jars and 4 kinds of mustard, several salad dressings, etc etc etc.

Along similar lines, my grandmother, a widow who raised 10 kids during the depression, always kept the last 3-4 bites of left overs. Little tiny dishes crowded the fridge when I was a child and she stayed with us. Eventually, she made soup from what she did not eat for her lunches, and from her I learned to make "defrost the fridge" soup. When food was hard to come by, you did not waste it.

But to KEEP a lot of those things where you can access them as needed, you have to be organized. With enough space to store them and still be able to use your home. In those days, we owned a lot less STUFF. These days, not even counting the elctronics, our homes are much more crowded.

Or so it seems to me.

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

marti, that range is beautiful, but way to much horsepower for me. My parents were scandalized when we paid extra for the range with the convection oven option. Ours is electric, although it would be nice to have gas when the power is out.

ML, although I've never been deprived of food, I was raised not to waste anything. I keep small amounts of leftovers, too, and when I open a can or jar of veggies, I save the liquid in a plastic container in the freezer. When it's time to make soup, I have ready-made vegetable stock.

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Does anyone else remember one of the Garfield comic strips?
(Garfield is the cat with attitude.)

He is standing in front of the open refrigerator, holding a cupcake with three lighted candles on it, and he sings "Happy Birthday to you...."

John (his clueless owner) comes up and asks, "Garfield, who are you singing Happy Birthday to?"

Garfield says, "... to the dish of spaghetti in the back, it is celebrating its third birthday today."

The End.... :)

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"I was raised not to waste anything'

we were very poor growing up and mom had 4 girls to feed. we got gov (welfare I guess then) PNB, butter, powdered milk, cheese etc. that helped a lot. and mom would make big batches of spaghetti soup or noodles with some chicken and we'd eat that for days. I still do that. I've finally learned to make smaller batches tho - lol!

I also keep veggie juice for soup. I hope to be more organized in the new place. When the fridge is empty for the move I plan to put shelves in the freezer (has 1 now) and slide out bins on the fridge shelves. i'm gonna have to keep things in certain areas of the freezer so it doesn't all get mixed together. I also use ice cube trays to freeze things like spaghetti sauce - and pumpkin for the dogs.

I've been buying really small cans/jars of things - or they go bad before i use'm up. my sister had been sending home things like a cup of mayo, a few tbsps of poultry seasoning in a baggie, a cp of relish etc. She keeps jars and washes them up to send things home with me. i don't think I've even used any of the mayo yet and only relish once. They go to Sam's and buy up larger sizes. They do use a lot of things like the mayo because they do salad stuff for the church once or twice a month.

I recently bought 2 rubbermaid divided containers w/lids to help her with that - lol! today she filled one up with more leftovers from last wk. dressing, grn beans, noodles, mashed potatoes. yea - i don't have to even think about what to have for dinner / lunch for a day or 2! love that...

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mama goose, it's probably too much stove for me too. Since I won't replace until mine kicks the bucket, I have time to look for a 4 burner with the features I need (for a lot less money). But I sure like the way that one looks.

Steph, I have plastic crates in my freezer to keep thing together, and to keep the stuff from falling out when I open the door. They slide out like drawers when frozen. lol

I love to cook, but I hate to clean up, and it has taken me a couple of years to relearn how to cook for just two people.

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