Please help with ceiling fan selection?

seespottoJuly 27, 2012

Hi all,

I am looking to replace the ceiling fans in two bedrooms. One bedroom is really big (estimate 20 X 15) and the other is pretty small, it is holding a queen size bed but it's pretty tight. So, I was looking at a 52 inch fan for the big bedroom, and a 44 for the small, but then realized that Hunter does not make fans that would perfectly match each other in different the choices I'm looking at are:

1. Buy white fans, which I really have never liked the looks of.

2. Buy the same fan for both rooms, regardless of the room sizes.

3. Buy different fans and don't worry that they don't match (differences in the design and possibly the "tones" of the wood fan blades.)

Any ideas would be appreciated! :-)

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Have you gone to the hunter fan website? They have a fan selector, where you can select finish, style, etc..

I used it a few years back as I needed a specific size for a couple smaller rooms (nickel plated with maple blades,and lights) and the big box stores had nothing. I got two smaller ones, and a big one all the same style.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hunter Fan link

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I'm on the 2nd and 3rd Casablanca fan, I have the Capistrano in the master bedroom in navaho white. Originally had that one in my sunroom and always loved it, took me about 6 months to finally find a fan for that room so when we were building this home, I knew that's what I wanted for the bedroom and we choose another style for the great room. Good Luck!

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I don't think fans in different rooms have to match each other, any more than light fixtures need to match in different rooms. I definitely would get a larger fan for the larger room. And my opinion on ceiling fans is that unless you really want it to be a design feature in the room, get white, so it blends into the ceiling -- if indeed you have a white ceiling.

We have a beach house where we put ceiling fans in each of the bedrooms. Because the rooms are all different in size, only two are the same. All are white except for the master, because I just couldn't find a white fan that I liked for that room, AND the ceiling in that room is not white (the other rooms do have white ceilings). Our ceiling is a very pale blue gray, and the fan is a matte silvery finish, which I think blends with the ceiling better than a white fan would.

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Thanks so much for all the good points!

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