Best site to make a floor plan?

gale1965May 25, 2013

I want to make a floor plan for a kitchen for review but I haven't had much luck with, or Is there a site for dummies?

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A favorite on this forum is to use Google sketchup. But, if you are having trouble with floorplanner or ikea, I'm not sure you'll have a lot of luck with sketchup either.

But, you might be able to post your graph paper plan in this forum and kindly get help from someone who does use those programs well...

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Thanks. I posted them in another ongoing thread and didn't get any replies after that but I will start a new thread with them.

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Hi Gale
Just found, great site. Really to be used for an entire house plan, but you could use it just for an individual room. It wasn't too hard after a bit of trial & error and has very nice support people who fixed some errors I had made. You can also see your design in both 2D & 3D. The first project is free, after that you need to subscribe.

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For kitchen only plans, the tool at NKBA.ORG works good.

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Graph paper, a straight edge and a dark, fine, pen are wonderful tools.(Extra fine Sharpies are good to go over intial, sketched-in pencil lines.)

Get help with accurate wall/room measurements, get the outline on graph paper and sketch away. When you have something you want to share, take a pic of it, post it to Photobucket and then add it to the thread.

Easy-peasey and no technical (electronic or drawing) skills needed.

You can d/l graph paper to your printer, if you need it and the stores are closed. Just Google it.

Graph paper has an added advantage over a computer diagram in that the grid makes it easy to quickly evaluate the dimensions on interior aisles within the plan. That's even more important than how you arrange the elements along the exterior walls. It also helps you get real about any islands that are flitting about in your mind's eye.



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I'm going to redo my graph paper one with a straight edge. But I did get the NKBA one to work for me in Chrome (wouldn't load in firefox) and it's very eye-opening to see it in 3d. I see things that might need changing that were not evident on a flat piece of paper.

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