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lavender_lassNovember 21, 2010

Well, this is my proposed remodeling plan for a very small 1904 farmhouse, with a 1950s addition. The original house is everything on the left of the living room/bedroom side (except the back laundry/pantry/small bath) which I'm planning to add.

You've probably already seen my kitchen plan. The dining area was a glass porch, that I want to add to the kitchen area, with a big opening (load bearing wall). There's a lot of space between the kitchen work table and the dining area, but I wanted plenty of room, so I could move the work table over, when more people are cooking (holidays, etc.) and still have room for people to sit and not be too crowded.

There's also a lot of space in the laundry area, but I wanted to even up the back of the house...and I don't like tight spaces. This way, more than one person can be working in that area, at the same time. Oh, I also added the vestibule in front and mudroom in the back, for airlocks to hold in the heat and extra storage!

The living room and bedroom side are the 1950s addition. There was a small bath included with the bedroom...but it was really small and I needed a closet.

The stair way was part of the original house, with the bath a later addition (1920s?) So, I removed the 1950s bath, instead using the space for the shower and linen closet in the main bath and the bedroom closet. The shower opening is a load bearing wall, so there's a little more support than normal, but I think it makes the best of a challenging situation.

The half bath is so we're not tracking farm-related debris (LOL) throughout the house. Sorry about the rough plan, but I don't have any software.

Also, there is room for a large bedroom or two small ones and a bath upstairs...and under the 1950s addition is a rec room with second fireplace. The rest is cellar with furnace, etc.

Sorry this turned out to be so long. I did sketch in the back deck and small screened porch off the bedroom, for my husband's hot tub. His one, major request :)

So, what do you think? (one square = 2')

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Hey, LavenderLass. Good for you. I can tell that you are placing yourself mentally into the rooms, because of the way you've drawn the furniture. And the swing of the doors.

I'm including a link to some downloadable software that I have been successful in using....imagine, I who am so very design challenged by software. But so far I've used it to draw and furnish our house in Alabama. Our EXISTING house.
And now I must try to draw the changes for the next stage of our reno, the kitchen and bedroom annex. I have a year to plan and draw this, so no hurry now.

You can change the swing of the doors in this software, add overhead cabs above base cabs, and all size of beds to your bedrooms. I really like it, but even with a low learning curve, it takes a while to become familiar with it.

Now about the drawing above. Is this the existing main floor of your farm house? Or is it stage one of the reno?

I have a suggestion to make. The mudroom has TWO doors. I think you'd be better off to have only ONE door, straight shot from the other room out onto a narrow strip of that deck. Make the steps which come up to the mudroom from the side come up to the deck instead, so they serve to get people onto the deck as well as into the mudroom. Then, you will have a lot more usable space in the mudroom on the side walls. Plus, that would be easier to bring big appliances into the house that way, instead of through the living room or social areas of the house.

The stairs shown, do you have them also going UP and DOWN?
Where is the driveway or parking? I'm assuming beside the mudroom entrance? Then what is that on the right outside the bedroom...HT = HOT TUB?

I like the seating area beside the vestibule. Is the vestibule existing? What direction is NORTH? Very important when planning porches or rooms which need good light or shade in the right season.

I bet the TV is in the corner of that sitting area off the vestibule and adjacent the kitchen? So when everyone is group prepping a meal, they can watch the ball game? Is that the most comfy place when it is just you and your DH?
Do you watch TV there, or one of you while the other prepares the meal?

And what is that space beyond the kitchen, before you enter the mud room? Is that where your laundry is? And which is the shower with the load bearing wall? Is it where the shower your drew is now? I note that BR and bath can be closed off as a unit, so is that your master suite?

You are using the quadrille pads like I do, and probably obsess over the house, which I have done for years. I recently ran across some sketchs I did several years ago, and was surprised how close my initial ideas were to what actually happened. Hang on tho the sketches. They will come in handy later in the design process, keeping you from forgetting pure inspiration. You go girl!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Sweet Home 3d

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ML- First of all, thank you for the link! I need a good software program and Chirstmas is just around the corner :)

This is my dream plan! This is after opening up some walls and adding in the porch, replacing the main bath and adding the laundry, pantry, 1/2 bath and vestibules.

I put two doors on the mudroom, since one side goes to the deck and one side goes to the barns, but you make a good point about a single door and more storage. If I had enough money, I'd love to put a glass/screened porch back there, instead of the mudroom and deck, with storage for tools (and extra coats in the winter) with access to a smaller deck or patio. That would be sweet!

Also, I'm thinking about taking the door off the pantry and making it a big arch, instead. I saw that in a magazine the other day and it was so pretty. I have the perfect sink to go under the window. It's the original sink, from the old farmhouse.

North is the top right corner...the house faces sountheast. That makes great light for the dining area, so I'd love to have room for a small lemon or orange tree (like my inspiration picture) and maybe a star jasmine.

The stairs facing the front door, go up to the second floor. There's a plan for a pocket french door, back by the bathroom, that will access the basement stairs.

Hopefully, the future garage is off to the left of the mudroom, with parking along the driveway, which is behind my squiggly curve, to the left of the plan. That's my shrub border! LOL

The two chairs in the kitchen are by the little cobalt blue Jotul woodstove (love this little stove) that will be back up heat and boiling water in the teakettle, if the power goes out. I need my tea... :)

While your description sounds great (my husband would love it) I wasn't planning to put a TV in the kitchen, but that might change. Maybe a little one on the corner, by the oven/microwave. That would be easy to see from those two chairs. The main TV is in the living room (across from the sofa) with another one downstairs in the rec room.

Behind the kitchen is my huge pantry (6' x 10') the freezer, small cabinet for the hampers, washer and dryer are on the backside of the kitchen sink. Across from them is the mudroom/coats area with a big cabinet with a window next to it, then the half bath. The shower is part of the main bath (with the claw foot tub) but the wall I opened up for it is a load bearing (where the addition meets the house) and that's why it's a big shower, since there has to be a big post or something there. I probably forgot to draw it in, correctly.

I forgot, I moved the closet to the wall to the living room (better sound barrier) and it made the bedroom 15' x 10'. More room around the bed for dressers and the french door out to the hot tub.

All this drawing, is an attempt to get the plan very clear in my head, so I can visualize it and maybe that will help us get to the place where we can start the remodel. Here's hoping! :)

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