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charmoMarch 7, 2009

Woo Hoo! Look at the stash of stuff I got at value village and the bunch of tiles I ordered online. I guess I'll learn how to mosaic now! Bearbubba, that's all your fault you know with everything you've been getting you made me want to do it too!

You see the ugly thing right behind the cat, it's actually a clay cookware and I am planning in turning it into a pig for the garden. I'll use maybe some shot glasses to make the legs, but I have no idea for making the ears. Would I be able to make them out of leftover grout without a mold, just by shaping them? What would you use otherwise to make pig's ears? I plan on being busy during my week off for March Break in 1 week!

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OMG Charmo you make me laugh!!!!! I would like to say sorry but I don't know why!!! I'm still laughing!!!! Get with it girl!! I would already have them covered in my minds eye!!!! Too dang funny!!!! You go girl, they look like darn fun projects to me!!!! Great finds. Please share when your done!!! Cathy

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Charmo, you go girl. You have a great stash to start with. Don't know if it would work, but cut a small edge off one of your tiles and glue it sticking up for the ears. Might work, might not. I did the same thing with the tiles. Ordered a bunch a couple of weeks ago. Let's have pix when done.

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Had the pig ears on my brain. How about a leaf of some sort. ceramic, off a vase or something? Cut off just the end and attach? Just an idea. I'm heading to Mn. can't wait to see what I find!!! Later, Cathy

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OK. It's all wonderful. Big question. How much did it cost to buy all that glass? I want to get some so badly and it'd be great to be able to have a stash like that!

Can you nip all that with Lipponits?

I love all the pieces from Value Village as well! I really need to get some things for some mushrooms. I always love them and forget to pick up the basics when I'm out at the TSs.

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Daisy, I got my stash of tiles all from The Tile shack, they are having a major sale because they are closing. I bought 30 sheets of 25 tiles for around $75. It cost me just as much to get it shipped to Ontario, Canada, it was $73, but compared to the prices around here I would have gotten only about 1/2 the amount of tiles for $150 so for me totally worth it. Check out their website as they still have a few colours at cheap prices.

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Thank you so much for that information, Charmo!

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yes daisyme they can easily be nipped...almost like butter Cathy

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Good for you, girlie. You're hooked now. It's a wonderful hobby. Re your pig's ears - CALAMITY uses styrofoam to make things of that nature very successfully. STRAWBERRYGOAT uses aluminum foil and duct tape. Check back at her wonderful Genie Bottle - she practically built it using those materials. Hopefully they'll both post pictures again. I'm too rushed to search for their threads.

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Well does the pig have ears yet??? Cathy

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Cathy, of course my DH has ears!!!lol!!! I'll try to make some tonight with foil as slowmedown suggested. I'll let you know.

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Here is a rabbit I mosaiced and he had a sadly empty basket so I made some resemblance of a bunch of carrots for him!!!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Calamity, your rabbit looks really nice and what a great idea about the carrots. So far I find that I get most of my ideas from looking at other people's stuff. I'm hoping my own creative sense will come soon.

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