What colour of grout would you use?

charmoMarch 7, 2009

Hello everyone! I have these 2 BB ready to grout. The orange one is made of TG. What colour grout would you use?


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Charmo, there was a very interesting discussion about this at Carl's place where I think you go too. The basic conclusion was that for maxiumum depth with trash glass, using a light grout in the same color famly provides the best effect-for this a nice pale yellow?

For the second one, I have no idea, I like dark grouts and a lot of people dont-navy blue calls to me, but like I said....
They look great, and I love the stands.

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Yeah I think wacky is right...sand color for the 1st and dark for the 2nd...but hey they would look great I think in any color...nice job....and yeah great stands...Cathy

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Charmo interesting re: the dark navy. I think I like that suggestion for the second one. Or black. I like the way black tends to make colors pop. On the other hand tg seems to be different. The pale color suggested sounds right. You have done a great job on you bbs'. Especially like the tg one. Question did you do piece by piece on the tg, or dod you glue larger chunks. I've only done one piece using tg, but have admired the art I have seen on this forum.


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I'd use either pale yellow or pale terra cotta for the TG ball, but I'd use black on the 2nd. Great job!

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Thanks you girls, I think I'll follow your advice. Pale yellow or pale terra cotta on the TG and black on the second one.
Kathy: For the TG, I glued chunks on it, small chunks probably about 1-2 inches, otherwise you can't do it, and when you press it on, it breaks apart anyway. It's very easy to do but as I mentionned in another post, I'm still not sure if I like it, so far I don't really but perhaps I'll change my mind once it is grouted.

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I read those posts too, and can see in the examples that black grout on glass (like on your first one) would darken it. I agree with the light colors suggested. I think it'd lighten it up a little, and you might LOVE it when through! We'll be happy to get yoru pics when done!

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Beautiful work. As a lover of dark charcoal, I no longer have to make hard decisions on grout. Love both your projects.

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I agree with everyone about the grout. but i also love dark grout. :)

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Lol slow, I have 2 colors-very pale gray and charcoal black. Ive only ever used another color once so far.

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