Use for old windshield wipers

rhadler200February 17, 2008

I changed the wipers on my car today (with help from DH) and I wondered what I could re-use them for. I hate throwing things out that can be repurposed.

Any ideas?

Thanks, R.

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Some things are better joining the trash heap I think! Unless you really need a 1/4" wide squeegee and can't afford a new one, I can't imagine why'd you'd bother.

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Funny how small parts show up just when you need them to finish a project. I used the support parts of replacement wiper blades on a sculpture of a Preying Mantis Planter. The wiper parts are the grasping arms.
Here is a picture of the planter with ribbons from the Nevada State Fair (Best of Show, Best of Class, and First Place in Division. Keep the parts who knows when you'll need them.

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Oh wow! That's terrific!

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Awesome! I think it's brilliant! You may want to look at images or videos of "Tinguely". He did sculptures like that and they are kinetic ones. I would put a link here but I don't know how.

Best wishes, R.

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below is a link I found for Tinguely's work. very interesting!

Here is a link that might be useful: Tinguely on Artnet

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I just love your work. If you're not working out of an art studio, you should be.

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I threw the old ones in my trunk. Once years ago a wiper arm flew off during a heavy rainstorm and I had to pull over and wait an hour for the rain to stop before I could drive again. Of course, now that I have spares that will never happen again, lol.

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