Defintely trash!

patty_cakesFebruary 27, 2006

I don't know if any of you have bought a new dryer recently, but a couple of years ago when I had mine delivered in the box, I didn't realize there was also a treasure 'waiting to happen'. To keep the dryer from moving(I guess!)they used heavy pieces of curved cardboard that looked like crown moulding. Being the 'saver-of-junk' that I am, of course I saved them. When I was re-doing my PR a couple of year ago, I wanted to frame out my builders grade mirror, so painted this stuff gold, and hung it around the mirror using finishing nails. It's much more dimensional than crown, and thicker, also. Color me a silly! ;o)


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Pictures please!

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OOOh! That sounds neat and innovative! Yes, photo, please.

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Silly, no...creative DEFINITELY. I'd LOVE to see pix. Might inspire me to gather up all kinds of packing materials..hahaha.

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Thanks everyone! Hope you can view my album. You might not recognize the PR as there is a drapery swag over the mirror, but you can see the packing material up close. You don't think i've gone over-the-top in here, do you? LOL LOL ;o)


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Pattycakes, I LOVE your place. It's decorated much like my house. The mirror frame turned out great! I used that stuff once for stuffing in a valance. I only had the skinny curtain rods, and the valance had deep pockets, so the packing material slipped over the rods perfectly and I got the look I was after.

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It's wonderful. I also love the shallow black ledges with the books facing out, and your many other wall ideas. So clever.

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