Make Your Own Seed Tape-Recycle Newspaper

kudzukweenFebruary 13, 2010

Get ready for spring planting and gift giving. Use all those seeds you collect and save, or buy, and recycle newspaper in a great way. Makes a very good gift for many different occasions, I think, and kids can certainly make it,too. Just cut out strips of newspaper...I used the classified section and cut along the lines of the columns; it was about an inch wide. Keep gluing the strips of newspaper end to end til it's as long as you wish it to be or the package of seeds is gone. Lay more strips on top of the glue/seed strips. Roll it up for storing, and glue the end down. On the one I made, I cut out a circle from the seed envelope and taped it to the back of my rolled up seeds, and tied it all with vintage seam tape. If I'd had ink in my printer, I believe I'd have done it differently :D

This idea was found at a really great site called Givers More pictures and how-to's on my blog, and the link.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kudzu's Blog

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Are the seeds glued onto the newspaper?

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yes, i used a tiny drop of glue for each seed :D and i didn't add any more glue to stick the 2 strips together, it's held using the glue holding the seeds to the newspaper.

i figured it's water soluable, right? lol i didn't want to mix up a flour/water paste, or cook up a cornstarch "glue"....and i don't know if that would be better for growing, but the mice and bugs would sure run to those before they would school glue :D and it would get moldy,too......that's down here in the warm humid south.

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