March Challenge Making a face was a lot harder than I expected.

concretenprimrosesMarch 31, 2014

This is my March project for Its Spring Put on a Happy Face.
I started with this vase from Costa Rica. It is flatish in a two sided kind of way.

Here is a version of my first face in process:

Second Face in process

I decided to leave the edges of the vase as is and just grouted around the faces. I would do the mouth more emphasized next time.

SEcond Face I like better except it gives me nightmares! The pupils of the eyeballs immediately rubbed off although I had used Pebeo paint and baked them in the oven. I just painted them back on before I took this pic. (So its back to masking things I paint with pebeo)

There is no way I would have completed this if it weren't for the challenge. I'd like to try a couple more faces, flower pots next time.

Thanks for looking!

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I love it.

lol at me....I tried to do a portrait of my new neice Zoie in mosaic. It was horrible. I ended up taking the tess of the board and making her daddy a sailing theme mosaic instead. Everytime I see that board i say there's that bad baby.

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You did a great job. I certainly could not do a face! Those eyes really are looking at ya!!!

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I think it came out cute!

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I love this. It's kink of Inka like . A g protector of plants !
Faces are hard. I took a class once..but sadly never finished my piece.

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Way to go! Luv this!! I like that the two faces are so different! I would like to try a face, like that course that some people here took...but waaaay too many projects on the go to even have time for that this year! Luv those lips!!!! ;-)

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