Court today...FLOP

lovehadleyApril 23, 2009

BM's attorney asked for (and got) a continuance.

BLAH. What a waste of time and money it was this morning! We got there at 8:45 AM and the case wasn't even called until close to 10 AM. Lovely that DH's primary attorney (who is also representing me for my protection order) charges $300/hr. AND he has two attorneys and one was there the whole time, the other for half the time...can't wait to see that bill!

Oh well. The GAL was there, as well, and it turns out there WILL be someone from DFS involved as well, because of the allegations against BM.

DH got to speak w/the GAL briefly and they made an appt. for us to meet with him this coming Tues. So that will be good. REally, again, DH reiterated that he is not really seeking permanent full custody--he recognzies that BM loves her son and he just wants there to be measures in place for her to get HELP. He wants BM to be on probation, if you will.'s kind of disappointing/frustrating to get all geared up for court and expect to have some answers and then just get it continued...but I guess that's how it all works.

BM looked HORRID btw! DH and I and our attorneys were SHOCKED. The woman was wearing a skirt that looked like a SHIRT--it was SOOOOO SHORT! And then she had these 4-5 inch heels on and tons of dark eye makeup. I kid you not, she looked like a prostitute! She's lost about 30-40 lbs, too, she is about 5' 2" and I bet she weighs 90 lbs! I noticed that when she was at our house two weeks ago, but she looks even worse now. Seriously--I think she is drinking at home a lot more than we know--I think she is hungover a lot and doesn't eat.

So--we will see what happens when we meet with the GAL and then the case is continued for 2 weeks from now.

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Well showing up looking like that will surely impress the judge. Then he will get to see it again in a few weeks. She isn't doing herself any favors looking like that. If the judge is worth their salt they will take good care of you and your SS. My Ex came to court over and over. He would loose his cool and say stupid stuff and after a time I pretty much just had to ask for what I wanted and like magic it happen. She is setting herself up to help you like that too. He would go in the Child Support office and cuss out the caseworker. Then when he came in and asked for a reduction guess who wasn't willing to help him.

Try not to look at ot like it as a FLOP but a good look into BM's for the Judge. When she comes next time and you can see the change they will do the right thing.

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Continuances are the DEVIL!!!

When we went to court for child support, BM managed to get the first hearing by telephonic. When the Judge said he cannot do a hearing where there is evidence being presented with someone over the phone (because BM was arguing that our evidence was wrong & she had proof) so she got continuance #1. Our attorney charged us $300 an hour.. thank goodness she only billed for the actual time she had to be there for our case. She had another case in the same calendar. Then, BM showed to the second hearing... "oops! I 'forgot' my proof"... continuance #2 granted. We were the last case called that day so it was nearly 3 hours at $300 an hour. Of course she was fined $500 for not being prepared... of course she still hasn't paid it a year later! At hearing #3, she didn't even show up. She was supposed to bring her proof. ha, the court fined her another $500, which she still hasn't paid and then ordered her to pay $216 a month in support! I sat there calculating how many months of support it would take to pay the attorney.. just to get the order. Nevermind that it's been a year and she's paid a whopping... get ready for it.... drum roll please!!!! $429.66 (at least that what I figure when she's paid 7 whole payments of $61.38) DH still owes his attorney THOUSANDS.


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