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sistersunnieFebruary 28, 2007

These are all projects I either rescued and refurbished or reconstructed into something else that was useful or decorative. I didnt pay for any of it. Either dived or found, or were rejects from thrift store, family or friends. Most were given as gifts this Christmas and a few are home waiting for finish for my house. This is my first attempt at photos, so bear with me and let me know if theres problems.

I am so inspired by your efforts and these projects have been a benefical outlet for me in a less than great time in my life.


Here is a link that might be useful: Sunnies Projects

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Wow, you did great jobs on all of your projects. I would have never thought to turn a foot bench around and use it as a shelf, what a great idea.


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Actually that isnt a footstool/bench. I salvaged several upright pew ends from a church about to be leveled. They were carved(pretty primitive) and the wood was mostly rotten. Sawed off the good parts and used them for the upright part of the shelf, then added old trim, etc to finish it off. The nut with his head on the shelf is a good friend, and a pastor-so he got a kick outta the story and origin....

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The chest and sideboard were literally in pieces in piles. When my mom and stepdad bought some property, there was an old house/shack that had to be demoed and the pieces were in it. First we thought we would use the pieces for different projects, then figured we could use the challenge. Putting them back together, repair and refinish was such a satisfaction. One gets used as it was intended in my dining room and the other as a television cabinet in my bedroom.

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Great job! you do really great work.


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