What a find!

mosaicwench1February 24, 2007

A rare, 184-year-old copy of the Declaration of Independence found by a bargain hunter at a Nashville thrift shop is being valued by experts at about 100,000 times the $2.48 purchase price.

See below for the rest of the story.

Here is a link that might be useful: Declaration story

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OMG ........ some people just don't realize what they are throwing away. Wish I could find something like that !

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I read that on AOL this morning. What a "junk" find huh! I'll be checking out every piece of paper at GW from now on, those old pictures and paintings too.


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Makes ya wonder....What we might have had our hands on and passed over.

I've bought a couple of things that I know are worth more than I paid.

Like a small tin sand bucket with the old version of Mickey Mouse. There is a Cow on it too...I don't remember what who the cow was. I paid 10¢ for it.

And a pin with a stone looking center. The stone thing is carved to look like a large beetle. It has a pink color metal scrolled around the outside with pink rhinestones.

And a very old looking pin type clasp on the back. I don't remember what I paid, but I'm sure it wasn't a dollar....I'm cheap.


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VERY cool!

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