A fast week-end project

tehutiFebruary 24, 2008

Okay here's a quick project that requires only a few items to make. 1 old garlic press, 1 set of measuring spoons (well not actually spoons), and old piece of wood, a few craft beads, glue (or GE II would work), and a few craft paints.

Affix the garlic press to the board followed by the measuring spoons (I mentioned they aren't really spoons)in decreasing order, set the craft beads on the crown part of the garlic press for eyes, and when the Silicone or clue has set paint. If you want to add the illusion of water fasten a few lengths of twine in a "V" configuration starting at the head and widening at the tail. Paint everything to look like an alligator swing in the swamp.

But most importantly have fun.

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Robert....now I really do believe you are the "King of Trash Makeovers". I love your stuff! Keep on dreaming up these charming pieces of art.

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This is a truly wonderful piece of folkart! Very creative, indeed. I love it.

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