Can you bear to wait for GSale season?

sudiepavFebruary 4, 2006

In our area, garage sales dwindle as the cold weather comes, and I miss 'em! Today, I went to an estate sale at a modest little house, and got a sweet, small stained glass window hanging(perfect in my guest room), a picture frame, and a book which I'm giving my brother, all for $2.00! My brother, unlike the rest of my family, is especially honored when my gifts are GS. His Xmas present cost me 50c, and he said he liked it better than anything else he got! My daughter-in-law would just croak if she knew the brand-new little keepsake album I gave her for Xmas came from a GS for $1. I can't wait for the season to heat up again!

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It's garage sale season here almost all year long. My dh hates the stuff I bring home so I don't get to go often.

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Nope, I'm ready! Seems like everytime there's a warm Saturday and there are a few listed in the paper there's something else that I have to do.

I'm ready for the GS season! LOL

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I can't wait for garage sales either. About one more month here then we should be starting to see them again.

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Although we had a mild January, winter has come to NE Ohio.....I cant wait for GS season, it is where I get my best deals.


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I live in San Diego where GS are a joke~used furniture is usually cheap MDF, collectibles are unheard of, and everything is way over priced. On the other hand, when I visit a friend once a year who lives in IL, I find all kinds of stuff at great prices, usually pick up an extra suitcase for $1 to bring it home, and i've had a vacation, got a chance to go garage sailing, and visit my best friend, all at once ;o)


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