Re-insulating attic paid off

FlowerLady6November 23, 2008

Now that summer is over, and we are not using our a.c. anymore, our electric bill did not even reach what it had last summer.

This past week we've had temps at night in the low 50's and with keeping windows closed we have not had to use our heater. This was not the case before DH re-insulated our attic. Between computers running and cooking, our little cottage stays cozy and warm, staying around 70 degrees.

Lesson learned, insulation makes a big difference. We are glad we did it and glad that the job is over with.

Hope you are all staying warm and that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving week.


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That's good! Did you do it yourself or have it done? Dh wants to spray on that silver coating inside our attic & then put in more insulation. It's finally gotten cold here & our house has been cold. But the garage that we built and completely insulated in 2003 is warm & toasty.

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Good morning Marti ~ DH did it himself. He put 1" foam board insulation on the roof between rafters. On the floor part, he put down resin paper in between each of the rafters, then really thick pink insulation, then plywood over that. It was a job to do, but we are so glad it is done. We did get a rebate on the pink insulation so that helped.

He measured, then cut to measurements out on the ground, then we carted stuff to the attic stairs, where I handed it up to him in the attic. Spray wouldn't be fun at all, faster maybe but... None of it is fun, but a necessity.


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FlowerLady, Thanks for the verification that attic insulation helps. I did the eaves two years ago and one attic ceiling last year. Have the ceiling in the "big" room left to do, but it has already reduced our energy bills.

Hauling out the old fiberglass insulation and ceiling tiles is a very messy job. Adding vent strips and the pink rigid foam insulation. Since this house was built in 1938, some of the rafters warped a bit. Cutting the layers of pink foam to fit is a challenge. The fun part is using the jig saw to cut the foam!

Will be VERY glad when I am done. Too hot up there to do it in the summer, so I want to finish this winter.

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If you want to increase the R-value of your attic even more, you should use some foam insulation where the blankets can't cover that well.

Here is a link that might be useful: Attic Insulation Advice

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Hi, Flowerlady, We live in Florida! Do we need insulation?
Really enjoyed reading about your work.
I just finished rewireing my home, And yes 1940 house with no
insulation. The attic looks like a showroom, I love it.
Maybe one of these years i'll get some insulation, or maybe not. What a labor of Love, sounds comefy

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that is a great truth, in our home we enclosed our front porch with plexiglass, it stays 10 degrees warmer there than outside, we are doing the same with back porch, but haven't gotten it done and am thinking of buying one of those lean to greenhouses to put over our side laundry room door..any heat savings in Mich helps.

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colorcrazy ~ DH used a paper cutter with the pink inuslation and that worked great.

garynpinellas ~ We basically did it to keep it cooler in here during the summer. Our attic is only about 3' high in the middle. Our ceilings are made of Dade pine tongue and groove boards. Old insulation had had it, and we wanted a floor over new insulation, instead of just boards laying across rafters. ~ It was nicer in here during the cold snaps we've had this winter, plus we both think it has helped with the road noise out front. ~ The hard part now is organizing 'stuff' in the attic. :-) ~ Your attic sounds like it must be room size, able to stand in, since it looks like a showroom. That would be nice.

ronbre ~ I can see where enclosing porches with plexiglass or a small green house enclosure would make a big difference in keeping winter cold out of your house. Every time you open the door cold air rushes in. Good for you in thinking to do that and enjoying warmer space between your doors and the outside.


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Yep, my house has a huge attic, That's partly why i bought it.
As it needed a lot of work. I am an electrician, and have replaced all the systems in the house. The old roof leaked some before, so i put about 20 lights in the attic, would put bowels and pans in the under the leaks, for years. Just finished rewiring the house. Everything is about done now and have been thinking about insulating now. I just got the highest electric bill ever. But i will miss going in the attic
turing on the lights and seeing all of the framing. Gary

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We doubled the insulation in our attic two years ago, and the furnace seemed to run about half as frequently afterwards.

Spent $700 (tax deductible) on plain fiberglass batts, and rolled them over the old fiberglass insulation that was already between the floor joists. It took us one long day to clean out the attic and repair the existing insulation, and another to install the new layer.

When we had the gables re-sided, the installer looked into our attic and said "That's tight insulation! You don't see that very often". I was a proud do-it-yourselfer that day.

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