also seeking button ideas..

mollyjaneaFebruary 12, 2006

looking for ways to use my zillions of buttons for bracelets or any other jewelry or crafty items. any instructions or ideas out there? thanks, molly again

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decorate shoes with buttons and lace
deco a christmas tree
a valentine wreath

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I think you should post this on the Craft and Decorations site. I have used buttons to make push pins. They are really cute. I used liquid nails for the glue, it holds great. Mary Ann

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Mary Ann, you are right and i will! thanks, mja

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I saw a really cute idea in a mag. They took the buttons, glued them onto colored dowels(resembled flower stems) them stuck them all down in a clay flower pot and added moss to the top. So you had a pot of button flowers! I thought it was cute!

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At craft club this morning a lady showed me her necklace. It was pearly beige buttons on 1 side(all the same) & other side was pearly brown buttons. It was made with black cord maybe quilting thread or heavier, They went through 2 of the 4 holes in each button. it looked great!! They simply knotted it at the end. At Christmas I saw someone on GJ conversations or Crafts & Decorations that had made 2 "trees" of old buttons.I used a 12 in. Styrofoam cone & gold colored 20 gauge wire cut about 2 in.long for each button & ran through each button, on some plain ones I put smaller button on top & larger on bottom. I started at top & used very small antique & other buttons & worked down using some "garlands" of 8-9 buttons in that shape going around at a curve & down like a garland.If I had to glue anything I glued only the wire & not touching the buttons so I can reuse them if I ever want to. I was very pleased with results, it is beautiful, I had a few pieces of broken jewelry or single earrings, those I had to use little pearl bead on a straight pin to attach. Hope to get some pics before too long but DD is taking her time getting my pics straightened out!! Jan

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I sew lots of them in a yoke pattern on tee shirts and denim jackets. You can also make easy bracelets with colored buttons on elastic thread.

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