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blackchamoisNovember 23, 2012

I am remodeling several rooms in my small So Cal condo as well as painting the entire place - walls, ceilings, doors, trim. I would like to replace all the interior door hardware. I currently have a mix of antique brass and chrome (builder choice, not mine).

I was originally going to replace them with a brushed nickel, but I really like the dark hardware (as in this photo).

My question is this ... My finishes in the newly remodeled bathrooms are chrome. The cabinet hardware in the kitchen will be brushed nickel. I know that mixing finishes is okay if it complements the overall look, but I am wondering if the dark hardware will look funny?

Thank you!!!

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Elraes Miller

I love the black. Would suggest back plates for any prominent doors to beef them up a bit. Also, depending upon the investment you are planning, I would spray paint a few hinges black with automotive paint and see how they hold up before investing into all the doors.

Here is a link that might be useful: Door hardware

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I like the black ones in the above picture too. But I also think that the gray walls help.

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Technicolor - I am planning on replacing (vs. painting) all the hinges to match either hardware (actually my contractor will be doing it for me :)). I like the beefier (?) plates as well, but not sure I can afford them.

Marti8a - My walls will be a tanish/taupe, so similar to the photo but maybe a bit lighter. My floors are a darker wood so I am hoping that would help blend the look.

I am still on the fence tho'. I don't want to do anything TOO taste specific. Is one more neutral than the other (brushed nickel vs. orb)? I see them as both pretty neutral, but not sure others would. Thoughts?


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Elraes Miller

I have brushed nickle and now wish I hadn't. Found some new mixed metal ones at a resale store and plan on changing out. The style of your hardware is taste specific and adds to part of your decor whether neutral in color or not.

Personally I am a bit "over" brushed nickle and orb. Think both are on their way out soon. There are some interesting metal finishes being shown now, different shades of aged greens, blues and reds. Even black can be shown in different color casts. Cost wise a big investment and what appeals to us.

Your black really appeals to me and see it as a beautiful addition to the decor. Regarding backplates, I was suggesting the front door specifically. I know they can be pricey.

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I have some brushed nickel too and wish I hadn't used it. But at the time, antique brass wasn't available in a lever style. The rest of my house is antique brass.

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