tax credits for junk

JunkGypsyMtFebruary 17, 2005

Calling all junk gypsies. Sistahs its time we write to our congress and demand a tax credit for not allowing our landfills to be stuffed with usable goodies. I am thinking like $1 per pound. Now that would be a perfect or close to perfect world. Dont you think?

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Hey, sounds like a plan to me! LOL

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Well, I collect a lot of junk, you know, GOOD junk, but a lot of it I end up not using - so I give it to Salvation Army and get a receipt and deduct that from my taxes. I hope no one considers this unethical - most of the time those things have been cleaned and polished or had buttons put on before I gave them up. And I got them off the sidewalk.

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