Calamity_JMarch 2, 2009

Sooo...what's your first project gonna be now that you are back? Did you score mega goodies while you were down there? Anymore blue bottles???

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Ha! Well, in the next ten days we have to pack up my DH's sister's house and move her, THEN I'll be able to think about a mosaic project. Wow, with all the wonderful tess that you and Klinger and Slo brought me that's so different than I've had to work with before, it'll be really fun to do something different.

I brought back 100 or so of these tile pieces we were finding on the beach and went to the hardware store (where you got all greased up)and bought some of these great iron pieces. IF anyone has an idea of how to clean up the rust and use this iron, would you let me know? I also FOUND another blue bottle the day after you left on a post right outside your hotel, so I figured that one was meant for Klinger and will be sending it up to her.

Meeting you three for the first time in Mexico was the BEST fun! After visiting here on the forums the last couple of years, it was truly that we were old friends already. I will never forget it. I know Slo posted a pic of us there, but for anyone who missed us, here we are!

Daisy, Calamity, Klinger and Slo in Mexico. What fun!

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I love that pic... you are all so happy to be there...lifelong friendships for sure!!
Daisy, it's hip to have rusty on metal... I wouldn't clean it off, use as is, they are really cool!!!

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Those fern fronds are awesome!!!!!

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DAISEY: All I do is wipe the dirt off them, and glue away. I LIKE the rusty look.

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