dumpster arriving today

euglossaNovember 12, 2010

After a few days of a dusting of snow on the ground the weather has cleared for a chilly but sunny weekend.

A 30 yard dumpster will arrive later today. Tomorrow is the house razing party. I'll start a batch of chili in the crockpot in the morning, then go to the Alternative Gift market to work..the timing could have been better.. most of my demo crew will also be volunteering at the market until 2.

Then we'll adjourn to my house and take down the carport and tear out the wallboard, subfloor and what remains of the ceiling in the back room. If the asbestos test on the siding comes back clean we can also start removing that.

We'll leave the back room up until the windows arrive. The builder wants to tear it down one day and rebuild the next to avoid too much heat loss out the back of the house.

I will have to have a new electrical panel, $igh, but that was pretty much a given. The back room foundation is still in question. I'm torn, if it doesn't pass it's more money, but I'll get more space. John said the inspector ok'd the shed dormer... I'll have to ask him if he meant shed dormer or the smaller doghouse dormer we discussed.

It still really didn't feel real until I got the news of the dumpster arrival. Now I've got butterflies in my stomach.

I really have to get the before pictures this afternoon.

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Chili sounds like a wonderful plan. Make it as fun as possible. I know you will be smothered in things to do. We will be patiently, not so, waiting for updates and pictures.

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Oh wow, you have a big dumpster and I hope you fill it to the brim. Don't you love it when the plan comes together!!!!

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wow, there is the dumpster... it's huge!

I took before pictures. How do I insert them in the message and how big can they be.. I've looked at the help sections and haven't how to do this.


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The easiest way (for me) is to put them in a hosting site (I use photobucket). From there, you just upload them here. I have both sites open. I open the picture in photobucket, and click on the option starting with 'html'. It will say 'Copied'. Then right click on your response here, and click 'Paste'. When you preview your post, the picture(s) should appear. Bear in mind that if you delete the pics from the hosting site, they will also disappear from your post here. The size coming from photobucket will be fine. Here is a picture from last fall in SC:

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What is the Alternative Gift Market?

Great tree photo! Is that a little bird or animal on the bottom limb?

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The Alternative gift market is similar to the Heifer project....

Charities from all over the world are featured for things like environmental restorations, economic development, education, peace building, child and medical services..

You get a card and an insert about the charity and send that to your gift list as an alternative to the usual sort of christmas present

Here is a link that might be useful: alternative gift market

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