Curb Shopping Acquisition

des_arc_ya_yaFebruary 20, 2008

Haven't taken a photo of it, yet, but yesterday I stopped and picked up a baby changing table. It's old, white and just loaded with turned type spindles. Think it has a LOT of possibilities!. Hmmm...can't believe ANYBODY would put a thing like that out by the trash pile! LOL

What have you scored lately and what are you gonna do with it?

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Excellent Score! I have 2 changing tables (not from the curb but very cheap at GS). I turned one into a potting table; will do the same for the other and probably try to sell it. Haven't come across any good trash pickin's lately probably due to the weather.

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It's too cold here yet for folks to be cleaning out and hauling stuff to the curb.
I'd love to find a changing table like yours for my bathroom. I think it would make a great place to put towels and other goodies in baskets and jars.

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I trashpicked a changing table and made a recycling station out of it. Underneath the top I set the large rectangular glass and steelcan receptacles cause they are tall. I use the top for 3 plastic milk baskets (trashpicked also!) for newspapers, magazines, and miscellaneous cardboard. It saves a lot of space in the garage.

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Not a curbside find, but I did take a 4 poster bed that my daughter cracked, and turned the spindles (Posts) into a garden trellis. The posts stand about 31/2 ft. (the headboard) and maybe 2 1/2 ft. (the footboard). I set them into a 18" square, connected at the base by sawing the slats into 2" wide strips and joining the posts with those. Then my DH strung wire in an X between the slats and strung it through the top of the posts where they are spindled. It looks fantastic! I cannot wait to try it out!

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Here is a link that might be useful: Refused Reused

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yes i found can you believe this, a small fridge that works!! Also found two sets of bifold doors, 1 cafe door,
wooden wicker chair, metal table base,three oak drawers.

Now I must get busy!!!

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