Bedroom deco ideas please.

sydneydavisFebruary 8, 2006

My bedroom is romantic chic. I don't have the shabby where everything is white. I like the wood color on my bed set, although I have an old chair I painted white and an old trunk my mom gave me then I was in high school back in the 70's that she painted white.

Well the walls are in the multi layers of soft pink glaze and white trim. Window coverings are white lacy panels with a soft pink gauze [or some very fine material] wraped & draped low around a top pole. Bed covering is layered with one covering being a reversable pink plad on one side and roses on the other, next I have a white ilote [if that is not the correct spelling please tell me how it is spelled! I tried looking it up and can not find in. :-)]

down filled comfortor and another home made pink quilted comforter on top. Let see, lots of pillows and flowers stuff. Anyway I have two double closets - white sliding doors. I found this wrapping paper that is a perfect look for a vintage romantic chic room. I am wanting to make panels for the doors out of this paper [right now I'm looking at 7" wide and 11" long] and put on the doors to give a look like a wood front door - two long panels top, one in the middle going side to side and maybe one on the bottom. If I put it on I will do the shadow effect on one side of each panel to give it an authentic look. My only thing is I might not put the one on the bottom unless I can find more paper - don't know if I have enough at this time...So what do you think? Do you also think I should put a glaze over the whole top tinted with one of the pink colors, the white, clear or none at all?

Thanks for the ideas and suggestions...I am posting this on a couple boards just to see what people think.

Thanks so much,


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reyhsjks mo

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