curtain rod diameter?

pps7July 26, 2010

How do you decide? I have a set of french doors that span about 12'. Will 3/4 inch diameter metal rod look too puny? Is 1 1/4 " better.

Also, what's the best place to buy hardware for such a wide space?I was looking at RH and potterybarn so that I can combine 2 rods. Any other places?

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There was a thread not too long ago that discussed this very issue. I, as well as another reader, were facing the same dilemma. We both had windows about 11 feet long and wished to have fixed panels on each end. (Meaning we didn't intend to close them.) We both wanted rods with a wider diameter so it wouldn't look 'puny'. I personally think a smaller diameter rod doesn't look quite right. The other reader ended up with the Opus Rod from Country Curtains which is 1 3/4 in diameter and is adjustable to 12 feet and I ended up using a wooden rod from Lowes that can go up to 16 feet by putting two 8 foot sections together with a connector screw that they sell. You can also cut down the wooden rod to the exact length you want. I first purchased the Opus rod but just couldn't get it to look right. (I think our brackets were not exactly level.) I found the brackets at Lowes that match the wooden rod to be much easier to install. My Lowes rod is also 1 3/4 in diameter. (Sorry I don't have a picture yet!)

Here is the link to the thread I was referring to:

The other reader (bac717) has also attached pictures. Her finished pics are here:

Hope that helps!

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You definitely need AT LEAST 1 1/2" for a span that long. A larger diameter would be eve better. I recently purchased rods to use on two windows, one 6 feet wide and the other 10 1/2 feet wide. I found 1 3/4" rods at Country Curtains. They are adjustable. The longest rod goes to a maximum of 144". I also looked (only on line, not in the stores) at the rods at RH and PB, but their max was 126". I'm still working on hanging the drapery panels using rings, but the rods are up and I'm very pleased with them. I have a thread on this board, titled something like "Where to find an 11 foot drapery rod" and had many responses. You can probably search my name to find the thread. Some posters suggested using a wood rod. That way you can connect them and make it as long as you need. One poster in particular was using wood rods from Lowes. Can't recall the name off the top of my head.

Look at my thread that's on the second page now, titled "The first panel is up!..." and you can see the 1 3/4" rods.

Here's a link to the rods I'm using from Country Curtains.

Here is a link that might be useful: Opus rods from Country Curtains

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HA!!! Dana, you and I are the drapery rod diameter experts and we were both posting at the same time!! Thanks for giving pps7 an easier way to access the previous threads.

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Go to a lumber yard and buy a big dowl and I think those BIG rings look fabulous for such a big window door.

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okay, I'm completely fine with buying a dowl at lowe's. I don't need finials as the rod will butt against walls. Can I find brackets at lowe's too, I quess I can buy those at Potterbarn if I really wanted too. I do want a bronze, very dark brown color. Can I just paint it? Do I need to prime it?

Dana_g, what color are the wood rods from Lowe's? If they are dark, it might be my best option.

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Hi pps7-I just posted a response to the question you posed to bac717 on the other thread just in case she didn't see it. I had the Opus rod so I knew something about the possibility of screwing two together.

Anyway, the "dowel" at Lowes is sold as a curtain rod in the window treatment section of the store so the rings, finials, connector screws, brackets are all available in the same finish. I went with the walnut finish and it is a very dark brown color that looks black. I am trying to post a decent quality picture for you so you can see it. I may have to wait until tomorrow when there's better light. If I don't post the pics tonight I'll post them tomorrow for you.

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Hi pps7,
Here are the pictures of my window with the Lowes rod. I think I may need to add an additional panel at each end because I'm not sure it looks substantial enough but you'll still get a sense of the rod.

The rings from Lowes have clips and I wasn't thrilled with seeing the clips. After a lot of deliberation I went with the rings but used drapery pins instead of the clips and I'm happy with them. It also gave me a little wiggle room if I needed to adjust the length. On another thread from a while ago someone added interfacing to the top of their panel before using the pins just to give the top more stiffness so it would hold the shape better. I found interfacing at Joann Fabrics that is sold by the yard and comes in 3 or 4 inch widths which worked out perfectly. The interfacing slid right into the pocket and then I sewed it down. Hope these help-

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Dana -- your panels look GREAT! The folds are just perfect. How did you get them to stay that way without looking too creased? I experimented with one of my panels by folding it and gently tying it up for a day or so and now my 'folds' are too creased. Perhaps it's the difference between my fabric and yours. Your fabric is so cute! Are those dots embroidered on the fabric? And how did you handle the returns, getting them to hang as nicely as the all the other folds?

The rods look great, too. The height looks just right!


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Those look great!!! Thank you for the pictures.

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Thank you to both of you!

Barb-I honestly think I got lucky with the folds. Either that or the interfacing may have been the key. I found that when I put the panel on the rings, the "wave" shape just happened naturally without any fussing when I adjusted the spacing of the rings. Once the top had the wave shape the folds pretty much fell from there. I did follow the folds from the top, down with my hand and then just very loosely put scotch tape around the edges for a couple of days. I would definitely do the interfacing again-I think it really helped.

That being said the panels are actually linen so the chance of them staying like that are pretty slim! Plus this is in our family room and we have three young children so there's no hope at all! The dots are in fact embroidered. They're actually the Linen Embroidered Dot ones from Country Curtains. This neutral, blend-in-with-the-wall look is totally new for me. I usually go with something more contrasting and patterned but I've noticed in a lot of decorating pictures (namely Pottery Barn pics) the curtains almost fade into the background and the pillows and accesories provide more of the interest. So I'm going to give that a try and see how it goes. Right now the room is a complete blank slate because we recently moved in and there's a couch, a TV on an end table and curtains! So, I've got a long way to go!

As far as the return, my pins are just evenly spaced with the first and last pins being at the very end of the fabric. The pins are about 8 inches apart. I think this rod sits closer to the wall than the Opus one so the end of the panel was very close to the wall to begin with.

Most of the time I think silk panels have more of a relaxed look in terms of the folds. I thought yours looked great when you posted them. You had me rethinking my linen ones because the silk was beautiful. I don't think you even need to train the folds at all.

By the way, Joann Fabrics sold that Tempo Tape we both considered.

Thanks for your ideas along the way. I couldn't have figured this project out without your input!

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