Living in a Nutshell

marti8aNovember 8, 2011

I just saw this lady on tv, on Open House. She lives in a 700+ sq ft apartment and has a blog about living in small spaces.

Living in a Nutshell

To get to the blog part, click on Weekly blog.

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Cool site. Thanks!

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Very nice link, Marti.
I looked at the white plates, and also the egg cups. Thanks to the info there, I am KEEPING my two Guinness egg cups which I got in Ireland because they are BLACK and I could use them as a base for stacking dishes.

I also use white plates/dishes, except for my Jungle design by Sakura. Oh, and the multi colored sets of plates which look like terracotta glazed. I like the Nutshell's style.

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Fun site Marti. Love the name of it. I was totally loving her green dishes. Definitely bookmarked. Thanks

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