white plastic barrels

danaohFebruary 12, 2008

I have two of them from a carwash. They do not have removable tops, just a small hole. I was going to make water barrels, haven't gotten around to that. Also, I hate to cut my downspout. They are the original that came with the house (very old). What can I use them for? My husband probably wants them tossed come spring.

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another question - if I were to use one of them as a rain barrel - what do I do with them in the winter? For all I know, they may have cracked already in the back yard. Maybe I should just cut them up for planters?

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My next door neighbor has them lining the block wall that separates our houses with them,and has planted palm trees in them.

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You may not have to cut the downspout depending on how it's constructed. Mine came off the gutter with an elbow and then a straight section to the ground and another elbow to divert away from the house. In spring I remove the straight section and bottom elbow and run a flexible downspout to my rain barrell. Before freezing weather empty the rain barrell and store, I keep mine under the porch - as long as it's empty it will be fine.
white plastic barrels make good planters for peas - the soil stays cool - I cut a couple of them up into 8" slices, filled them up with planting medium and planted peas.

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You can cut the tops off with a jigsaw, they make great recycling containers for deposit cans and bottles.

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