Need ideas for empty cardboard fabric bolts

countrytodamaxFebruary 10, 2008

I work in the fabric dept at Walmart and toss loads of these cardboard bolts daily. Would love to have some ideas on what I can do with them. One idea would be to cover each one in different fabrics and cover the wall behind my sewing machine, like a patchwork quilt. Any more ideas?

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Have you ever seen the santas, snowmen, and other holiday characters made out of a fence board? I would paint the bolt white and dress them as snowmen, etc.

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I have used these to make memo boards. I covered them with fabric, then criss crossed ribbon over the top to hold memos, cards, paper, etc. I used Christmas fabric to make Christmas card holders.

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I rememeber using them for macrame

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They are slow to deteriorate so I have used them to fill in low areas in my yard.
Top them off with dirt, mulch, straw, etc.
Over time, 2-3 years, they have deteriorated and can be mixed in with the dirt nicely.

I have also used them for the base of a walkway through the garden.
Because of their thickness and slow deterioration, it really helps with weed control in the walkway.
Same as above, just cover them with dirt, mulch, pinestraw, etc. and it really helps cut down on weeding.

(Always wet them down well before or after putting in place so they will 'settle' in better before putting on the topping.)

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What great ideas. I'll be looking for some in the WM trash bins in the fabric dept

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I use them to make no sew wall hangings like this one.

Cover with batting,then fabric and it's all held in place with straight pins.Even the hanger(piece of ribbon) is held in place with straight pins.

I think if you have a small window you could use it to make a valance as well.

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Forgot to say we used them as bulletin boards as well,done the same as wall hangings.

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Kathi, that looks great. You found the perfect fabric for that scene too. That was very clever thinking, gal. ;o) Luvs

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I am in awe of all of you! I have never thought of reusing those empty bolts! Y'all are so clever.
Wandaredhead's idea of using them in the garden hits home. I use newspaper and cardboard boxes from work like that.
Hancock Fabric, here I come!

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lady_alicia Zone 5/6 PA

I just saw an idea last night in one of my T2T books for these fabric bolts. They made a child's headboard and did each one in crayon fabric. I could send you a picture of it privately if you'd like. It really turned out cute! It might give you other ideas for a headboard, or who knows what else!

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lady_alicia Zone 5/6 PA

I also saw that they attached three of them together, like a room divider, after covering them with fabric and placing ribbon on them in a diagonal pattern (to slide pictures into). It was used as a picture display sitting on a table.

Too bad these aren't bigger. You might be able to make a room divider out of them! Or perhaps attach three or four of them and cover them in material and use them in front of a nonfunctioning fireplace, or make sure you move them away from the fireplace when in use. :) It would be more of a decorative feature, I suppose. Not so much as a screen. Just an idea.......


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I would like to buy them. Will pay for boards and shipping



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I do not think WalMart has them anymore...they get their fabric in flat folds and use the older cardboard pieces to wrap them on.

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Your walmart has fabric! We never got that kind here. No department stores have it around here any mroe Joann's is it for regular fabric. I'm jealous!
People make furniture out of cardboard, but not sure what that particular shape would be used for. Also folks at the hypertufa forum sometimes cover cardboard forms with a thin layer of tufa to make stuff.

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