kitchen backsplash tile, whats in style now?

LuvspringMay 3, 2011

Okay, I've been trying to educate myself on the current look of backsplash tile so I can bring my kitchen more up to date. What I like are 6" x 6" tiles on a 45 degree angle throughout the backsplash. Is that still in style? I think I'm going with American Florim, Tundra, color: Winter, through-body porcelain. If you recall, I am updating my 90s kitchen. The picture is where we are so far. The top cabinet doors are being rebuilt without an arch to match lower cabinet doors. I have new nickel hardware for the cabinets thats not put on yet. Above the stove is still being worked on. We will paint the cabinets snow white once the doors are completed. And I will paint the space above the cabinets a tan color. Thanks for any advice in making my update nice and not tacky!

Here's the BEFORE picture

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I would say what's in style is glass tile and stone mosaics and stone slab and subway ...

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Well I have seen that in the stores. Glass tile is too busy for me and I'm concerned its too trendy...but what do I know! And subway, my husband doesnt like because it reminds him of an old fashion style. Whats old is new again. Ugh!

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Holy C*** - what a difference you've made already. Are you also rebuilding or removing the valance above the window as well?
I've been (which I just noted on someone else's post) lamenting the loss of colour in our kitchens. They're all soooo brown nowadays. So - maybe a backsplash with a focal row of your favourite colour in the tile. I don't think there is any specific style except what suits your own taste and kitchen. Gosh, people put in everything from white subway tile to coloured glass mosaic to copper sheets.
Some put the same tile throughout the kitchen while others do a focus piece behind the stove (maybe your favourite colour there).

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Yes! what great difference so far!
I would do a small glass tile - maybe a V subtle color (since there is a lot of white) and... I don't think i would paint the space above the cab tan - i think the same color as the cabs.
JMO, but it will create a longer look.

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Ahh the valance above the window. Its hard to take out because it means ripping out the stuff around it. So we were thinking of leaving it in though I really dont want it. So based on the comment....maybe it should come out???? But the top piece still goes across and that would be a construction change if we took that out (bulkhead thing). Not real easy to do. Yes, people have suggested more color. I get sick of things quick so I usually like to go neutral and then add color by decorating. Let me think about the color thing. I tend to really like the shaker style kitchens and their calmness. Before my kitchen was too busy with the burgundy color laminate counters and the wall paper and border print. So I guess I'm wanting to tone things down. I would like to do something over the range but since there's a microwave above it, that space isnt huge. Is there a site to look at backsplash patterns? I love the tile I have picked out but a pretty tile border added in might be nice. Thank you for your input. I like to hear it.

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How about a large format subway?

I like the cool blend I've linked.

Here is a link that might be useful: cool blend (scroll to bottom)

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I don't disagree but it is what's in style.

You know what I think looks nice, is easy to change, wears well, and is quite economical? Beadboard. Would you consider that?

BTW, I wouldnt say diagonal squares are a bad idea, but they are not "in style", to your question.

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I do like beadboard alot. Only thing about beadboard is that we do alot of canning and making salsa which is extremely messy. So the tomatoes might get stuck in the beadboard. This backsplash is getting to be too hard for me to decide. I thought I had it figured out with at least the tile but I guess its dated. Okay, so the vote is subway or glass or mosiac.
Mcmjilly, thanks for you suggestion. Its very nice but I think too jazzy for me. We live in a small town in the mountains and I think it looks too contemporary.

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No, that's not my vote ... that's what I would say is "in style".

I think glass would be wrong and I think mosaic is trendy. Subway is arguably also trendy but I like it anyway, but if DH does not, so be it.

I found beadboard easy to clean in my kitchen, where i had it on one side of the galley for 9 years. Its also easy to paint, repaint, replace.

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I agree with mtnrdredux that diagonal 6x6 tiles are not "current". I also think the style and color that you selected tend to be a bit mushy. To pick up on the nice clean neutral shaker style that you prefer:
- agree again with mtnrdredux that painted beadboard would work
- 4" granite backsplash. I was looking at shaker kitchens, maybe a small backsplash, painted wall, then a hanging rail for equipment.
- handmade white tile in whatever shape you like. I've been suggesting that a lot lately, it looks so simple and so classy.
- take a look at this earlier post. Maybe some of these choices will look good to you. I think diagonal tile could be quite nice in a smaller size and slightly different color.

Here is a link that might be useful: white kitchen diagonal tiles etc.

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So the valance - I'm not a DIY (a screwdriver is a drink and a hammer is a shark as far as I know) so don't laugh but what dates it is just the curly-cue cut-in shape. Can you just saw it off? Like go up the side and cut across? Of course, I don't know what is behind it. Or failing that, fill it in so that it goes straight across.
The bulkhead or soffit is permanent, I know, but I was just thinking of the piece that is across the sink and goes up to the bottom of the soffit about 6-8".

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blfento: Yes, you are probably right that I need to somehow get rid of the valance over the window. However I was thinking of keeping the two glass cabinet doors with the that a bad idea? (others will be squared off)
ellah, what a great link. I love the Sausalito tiles. I'll have to look into that. Thanks for all your wonderful ideas.
mtnrdedux: I will also look up on the computer some beadboard backsplashes and consider that as well. I like country style. But the kitchen isnt looking too country style with the faucet and sink that DH chose. I do like black and white kitchens but somehow mine isnt working just yet.

You people are so helpful! Its nice to be able to bounce around ideas. Now one other question is if I did chose a white tile or beadboard, wouldnt that be too white? Another thought I had, or maybe someone suggested, is to paint the island a sage green perhaps so the kitchen isnt too stark white. I want it comfortable looking.

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I like the idea of you painting your island. Especially if you do white backsplash. I love what you've done to your kitchen already! I wish it was mine :)

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frmrsdghtr, thank you. that was a nice thing to say

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I think the glass doors are good - a little nod to traditional. They're fairly symmetrical in the space and add a little lightness to the area. Definitely leave them (IMHO).
The idea of painting the island would be fun. You mentioned sage green but also mentioned that you live in the mountains. I can't see through your kitchen window to see your outlook but is there sage green or another calm green outside that you could bring in - combining indoors and outdoors? Just a thought.

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Funny thing about those arches...had one KD mention to me he's been getting more requests for arches the past 8-12 months after several years of people ditching arches for linear/squared door styles. Someday one of the big design gurus will hail them as the "fresh/"breakthrough" way to add a softer look or more height illusion or whatever. Your glass doors will go from classic to cutting-edge at that point!

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Yes, I really struggled about the arches. I don't mind them except there's some that don't seem quite the same design as the others. Okay, I am still struggling with this. I just looked at Sonoma tile Bella Cosa design medallion and love that look but its too big for under the microwave. Funny thing about the 6x6 tiles, is the tile guy said that manufacturers werent making the 4x4s much anymore. And bigger tile was in, though the mosiacs and subway of course are in. The tile I chose only comes in a 2x2inch mosiac, which I've thinking about or the 6 x 6 inch. And I like the idea of maybe having a border with the small glass mosaics or something.
Here's the inspiration photo

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This article about 2011 backsplash trends on Maria Killam's Colour Me Happy Blog is great! And maybe I'm a bit biased since she posted my kitchen as one she likes! Lots of good info here.

Here is a link that might be useful: Colour Me Happy

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I like the curve on the valance, its just a bit of character and I don't know that I would flatten it off.

What about a hopscotch pattern for the backsplash. 6x6 and 1x1 or 2x2 could be used, and perhaps you could find a tile that picked up the granite color as an occasional random insert for the small tile. Hopscotch lays out well straight or diagonal. I would probably do white and an accent that picked up the granite or white with occasional brushed metal tiles.
Its not common, so its not trendy and will be hard to "date".

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I love your inspiration pix. And I must be one of the few who like either 4x4 or 6x6 tile layed on the diagnal. I am thinking of getting 6x6 Jeffrey Court (Chapter 12) in French Crema for my new backsplash.

A granite showroom had these tiles display and the 6x6's were set on a diangal and I thought: "that's what I want" .... now hoping it will go with my granite (Delicatus Brown).

If I go with these 6x6's I also want to, behind my sink, put a box with an arched top, filled in with 1x1 glass tile to blend with the French Crema. Also, around this box, the field tile would be the Jeffrey Court in their small 2x3 subway tiles in a brick pattern (all in the area above the sink).

That's *my* dream backsplash and will be able to move forward when I get the granite installed (maybe a month out on this). Copper farm sink is *in the mail* or so they say. LOL.

Sorry if I hijacked your thread ~ but I didn't want you to think you were the only one who likes the tiles set diagnally .... I want a sort of European flare to my kitchen and think this would give me the look I want, rather than straight set tiles.

Good luck and let us know what you decide!!!


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Thanks all!

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Choosing Backsplash is very difficult every have different choise and different nature and get different look kitchen.

Some experts are says to choose custom painted tiles that match other theme of design. If you are think about natural stone tiles then two types of natural stone styles marble and granite. Here marble is more suitable then granite for kitchen backsplash because of its capture details.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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